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How to make your Flight for Spring Break (or anywhere) just that much better in 10 Steps

Step 1: Don’t Forget The Water
with airlines cutting all possible costs; they are now serving up these HUGE 8-10 oz. cups, filled to the brim with ice. What this means is, you get 4-6 ounces of beverage. You can of course try to fight them for the whole can, but good luck. If you happen to get a meal, it’s just not enough to neither properly swallow, nor digest your food, nor to stay adequately hydrated on an arid aircraft. Purchase a bottle of water AFTER you clear through security, otherwise they will confiscate it. Spend the $2.50 and get one. Having enough water will give you energy for your party vacation once you arrive. Stay hydrated.

Step 2: Speaking of Dry
Bring with you less than 4 oz. of good hand lotion in a plastic baggy (to clear security) is also a great idea. Places, with their recirculated air, are super low in humidity, thus the dry skin. Dry skin causes wrinkles, aging you. Bring lotion in a small, trial size that you can pick up at Target Store.

Step 3: Da’ Eyes and Da’ Mouth
Bring a Toothbrush and a trial size of toothpaste (also in a plastic baggy) as well as a trial size of contact cleaner and solution. If I have to spell this out of you, you’ll feel more fresh, clean, and have clear ojos for the trip if you do happen to fall asleep.

Step 4: Pack you Medication & Medicine
Do NOT check your medicines with any airline — if they happen to lose your checked bag, your vacation could be potentially ruined. Put it in your carry on.

Step 5: Speaking of Carry On’s…
Pack Smart — airlines lose millions of bags per year…to later auction them off and their contents to warehouse aggregators. Pack one full change of clothes, a swimsuit, and essential toiletries. On a recent (nightmare) trip, Delta lost my bag, and was rude enough to inform me (which I cannot testify if this is accurate or not) that “neither they, nor ANY airline has a real way to track a check bag.” Either the bag goes with you on your plane, or it might end up anywhere. Pack carefully to make it all fit. Remember, you do get one overhead carryon, and one personal bag you can bring with you. I like my strap bag since I can bring some work in there, too.

Step 6: Prepare for Dead Time
Bring a good book, a magazine, and your fully charged IPOD. A 3-4 hour spring break flight can turn into a death march of watching the time (on a recent trip to Peru my IPOD was dead, my laptop was Kaput, and I finished two books…NOTHING to do for an hour…totally blew). Oh yeah, for the LOVE OF GOD do NOT bring a laptop on spring break…that shit will get railed.

Step 7: Bring a notebook to jot yourself notes
No, you don’t have to be the President of a Company to want to do this…but for example, I wrote this blog out longhand on a $.50 notebook with a cheap pen…to quickly type it up later. I also like to jot ideas, stuff I have to do, and anything else creative in there…a pen and paper can also pass time, but more than anything, it can make you money. Ideas have a monetary value!

Step 8: Ear Plugs & Eye Mask
I forgot both for my South America trip, and had to suffer listening to these two obese people rant and rave about how bad their lives suck. Give me a break! Plus, the sun was coming up, and my eyes were killing me…I just needed some peace, quiet, and cramped sleep.

Step 9: Dress in Light Layers and for Comfort
Seems that the airline manufacturers get their thrills from freezing us, cramping us, or sweating us out of the place….yes, Grandma wears her warm up pantsuit for her vacation for a reason…she’s comfy! Temperatures on planes during the course of a normal flight range from arctic cold to sauna heat….being able to pull off your body cool cotton and back on again will keep you comfortable and less irritable. Being bound up in the groin area for three hours sucks, too.

Step 10: Be Patient
Or more importantly, have the correct mindset about a few things. Yeah, it makes no fucking sense why you print an “E Ticket” or “check in online” only to have to a.) Redo it again at the terminal, and then b.) Give a live person your ID. Wow, I can’t wonder why airlines have financial problems. Security take off your shoes, (gross), and walk where the lady from the trailer court just walked, yummy. Then, proceed to the gate to wait for the cattle stampede when the call row 18…(why people are in such a rush to stand in line on the jetway is beyond me). Finally, listen to some dipshit steward drone on about “items may have shifted about” or “this is the captain from the flight deck.” What the fuck is a flight deck, I thought that was a cockpit, and what the hell is “shift about,” do you mean that bowling ball in the overhead might fall out on your ass? They use the most complicated language to explain the simplest stuff. Oh yeah…don’t end this on a rave…it’s a just the start of another article on “what I hate about flying.”

Chad Hart

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Best Spring Break Condos for South Padre Spring Break 2014

As Inertia Tours is actually based on South Padre Island, Texas we can expertly assist you with planning South Padre Spring Break 2014.

Why book a condo over a hotel? Easy. Full size kitchen saves you money on grub. More room to party in it or hook up. Think pregaming in a living room instead of sitting on a double bed at the Motel 6....ummm...yeah a condo is way better.

Best spring break condos for south padre island are:

      North End:
                         Inverness Beach Resort       Standard Beachfront Condos Category
                                             *Walk to Clayton's Beach Bar home of the spring break stage
                                             *Very big square footage
                                             *As Inertia Spring Break has virtually the entire building, it's
                                                 all students
                                              *Security is cool so you can sign someone in for the night
                                                for "spring break romance" but note..they won't multiple
                                                nights and WILL EVICT YOU if you bring unregistered
                                                 guests in (aka sneak people in) with no refunds
                                               *Their pool is BYOB friendly means you can bring you own
                                                      booze to pool area.
                                               *Ample included parking so you don't get towed by
                                               *busiest weeks cabs can get to you to get you to clubs
                                               *Largest beachfront balconies on south padre island and you
                                                   100% are guaranteed direct beachfront view here.

                                               *Condos older inside. You generally won't find granite nor the 70"
                                                *Really too far to walk to nightclubs beside Claytons beach bar but
                                                   claytons is the new hotspot during the day now and it's only
                                                   300 yards away on the beach.

inverness beach, inverness south padre, inertia tours
Inverness Beach Resort by Inertia Tours in our Standard Beachfront Condos category for South Padre Spring Break. Notice the rooftop pool on 3rd floor

                         Internacional (ala "international" )   Standard Beachfront Condos Category

                                        *Immaculately clean pool
                                        *25 yards to ocean's water edge
                                         *Next door to wanna wanna beach bar one of only 5 beach bars on
                                              South Padre Island
                                          *Most of the 1 bedroom spring break condos there really DO SLEEP
                                                6 people as they have a pull out couch in living room
                                           *pool byob cool.....
                                           *Inertia Tours has every unit = fun full of students

                                         *older condos, not plush inside
                                         *No 2 bedroom condos
                                         *Small pool

      South End:
                Saida Towers                  Ultimate Beach Condos Category
                       *Has a reputation as being wild
                       *Direct beachfront units
                        *condos have massive size in all sizes of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units
                        *1000 to 2000 spring breakers here a week in March
                        *Three pools
                        *Arguably you can walk to nightclubs like Louies Backyard
                        *Within walking distance to 10 good restaurants in all price categories
                        *inertia tours' biggest spring break condo block

                                            *The #1 biggest problem is security - it's REALLY tight, if you are
                                              not staying at Saida nor have that wristband, you will NOT get
                                               by security, they individually check every person coming in.
                                                   = cockblocking
                                             *Security. Won't stand for partying in units
                                             *Guys ALWAYS demand Saida. It's like the Oasis Cancun of South
                                               Padre Island, 2 guys for every girl that stays there, might be 4 to 1
                                               actually. If you're a girl this could be awesome if you're a guy it sucks.

                      Sunchase Beachfront Condos     Ultimate Beach Condos Category
                              *Inertia Spring Break Travel have every single condo there = wild
                              *Security super cool. You can participate in spring break romance here
                              *NICE NICE NICE condos all directly facing ocean
                              *200 yards closer to nightclubs than Saida Towers
                              *even ratio guys to girls
                              *home to PRIVATE DJ parties every Thursday poolside if you are staying
                                    there OR have the student ID from that school that booked it out that week
                                    (example U of Illinois has it March 23-March 29th for spring break 2014
                                       therefore their DJ's do their private pool party that you can only go to IF
                                         you are staying at Sunchase OR you go to U of Illinois Champaign.

                                     *There really aren't any other than the stay costs more than Inverness
                                         or internacional in the standard beach condos category)
sunchase beachfront condos, sunchase south padre, inertia tours
Living room at Sunchase Beachfront Condos South Padre Island by Inertia Tours

                        Peninsula Island Beach Resort        Ultimate Beach Condos Category
                             *Luxurious. The place has both suites which are like hotel rooms with a kitchenette
                                    but is mostly 3 bedroom presidential condos valued over $1 million USD
                              *Largest square footage. They COMFORTABLY sleep 10 people
                              *units have a washer/dryer in them. Doesn't seem like a big deal but after a week
                                  it's pretty dang nice to wash your clothes before you go home
                              *all units have massive beachfront patios
                              *restaurant on site with room service PLUS swim up bar
                               *Infinity pool is one of nicest on south padre island
                               *only complex with included fitness center/gym
                               *Security cool with spring break romance but UNCOOL with sneaking in 
                                  unregistered guests. They will find you and evict you..happens every year.
                                            *400  yards further south than sunchase beachfront condos and 150
                                               yards from Saida...means that much further walk to nightclubs
                                            *they won't put up with unit damages due to high value
                                            *not many guys stay here. Girls outnumber guys here 2 to 1 due to price
                                            *higher price than some condos
peninsula south padre, inertia tours, spring break condos
Peninsula South Padre by Inertia Tours Spring Break. Shot with pool to the RIGHT and tower one in background with doors to restaurant visible.

Call Inertia Tours toll free 800 821 2176 for more detailed information. Even if you DO NOT have a condo with inertia tours, we can give you advice on how to maximize your stay for Spring Break South Padre Island. Email us info@inertiatourscom  

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Cancun Spring Break 2014 via the Inertia Tours & Traveo partnership

Inertia Tours is proud to announce that it has been exclusively selected by TRAVEO as the only US college spring break travel company to represent TRAVEO's onsite spring break cancun party program & onsite program for the next 3 years.

When booking spring break 2014, there are several key factors why Inertia Tours & Traveo have partnered for this unique program that you will not find anywhere else.

traveo cancun, inertia tours
Traveo Cancun Spring Break 2014 program by Inertia Tours

 Benefits for college spring break travelers:

  • Traveo, being based in Mexico, has all of the local relationships & connections in Cancun that far surpasses what any spring break tour operator from the US has achieved in terms of exclusivity. TRAVEO is not just natives of the Spanish language, but natives of Mexico.

  • Daily from 1 pm to 6 pm Traveo features exclusively for Inertia & its clients the Jagermeister Beach Stage with live DJ's as well as the fact that Inertia Tours students receive unlimited beverages on the open bar right in the sand - no need to trudge up to the hotel bar to get a drink. This stage is located at the 5 star Gran Caribe Real, THE nicest hotel in Cancun that welcomes students with open arms.

Click here for actual video of the Jagermeister spring break party stage:

  •   When Inertia Tours clients add the Red Carpet VIP Party Package for Cancun spring break, this package isn't some junked out "party package" you might see elsewhere. This spring break party package includes:
  1. Private transportation to/from the Gran Caribe or Oasis Cancun nightly from 10 pm to 3 am roundtrip at no additional charge. No need to take a taxi or cab or ride the tourist bus which takes forever and a day to get from your hotel to the cancun party center. 
    Oasis Cancun, all inclusive spring break, inertia tours
    Grand Oasis Cancun Spring Break All Inclusive Hotel by Inertia Tours & TRAVEO
  2.  Private security staff at the clubs outside at front door. Our students check in for safety prior to leaving the club. The transportation that is included leaves every hour on the hour. Should an Inertia client need to leave sooner, private Traveo Suburban's will take them back to the hotel with a same sex staff member for safety. You are NEVER alone on our party program which will give parents a piece of mind
  3. Unlike other cheesy spring break tour operators with "vip lines" that don't actually exist...with Traveo, they do. Inertia clients with the exclusive Traveo wristband will enjoy a special VIP entrance each night to a specific club with NO COVER CHARGE to enter. 
  4. Once inside, all Inertia guests get a reserved VIP table with bottle service. From 10 pm to 2 am, Inertia clients receive UNLIMITED, sealed bottles of liquor delivered to their private table at no additional charge. This is not a typo...yes...unlimited bottles in bottle service with mixers - not a joke and you will NOT find this anywhere else for spring break 2014 in Cancun.
  5. We only use the best clubs in Cancun like the Pink Kitty, Palazzo, Mandala, Mandala Beach Club, Coco Bongo, the City & more. 
    city cancun, inertia tours, cancun spring break
    The City Cancun - the Largest Spring Break Nightclub in Cancun by Inertia Tours
  6. We do not SURCHARGE (ie charge our guests) an additional fee if there happens to be a headliner DJ at the club like you will experience else where as a hidden fee for other spring break party packages in Cancun.
  7. Tipping for guest is all inclusive. This means you don't have to worry as a spring break client about getting ripped off by the waiter for bottle service, or worse, your pesky friend that steals the tip money to cover their share of the bottle price. 
  8. The package makes budgeting super easy. If you book an all inclusive spring break hotel like the oasis cancun or gran caribe real, you really have all meals and drinks included 24 hours a day.
  9. Our Red Carpet VIP Party Package Cancun includes a DAY TIME booze cruise that is 3 hours long, stays in the hotel zone, and features not just open bar, but all you can eat. This 125' foot catamarran has a loop de loop waterslide off the back as well as a certified lifeguard aboard. The best part, no going to a mosquito invested island and eating crappy buffet food for $75 like others charge, nor missing out on a club event. 
  10. Every single night our clients EXCLUSIVELY receive no cover charge to the after party from 3 am. to 6 am at mandala beach club, a $10 USD value each night. Yes, TRAVEO staffers are there until 6 am to make sure your party experience is safe, and complete.
  11. Finally, do not think that while your cancun spring break will be staffed by Traveo, Inertia Tours will not have US American staff people onsite, because Inertia Spring Break will. Besides, Traveo staffers speak English. Wouldn't you rather travel with a US spring break travel agency (Inertia Tours) that actually took the time to find THE ULTIMATE party experience in Cancun (TRAVEO) instead of trying to just "do it themselves" to line their pocketbook? Well, with Inertia Tours we have signed such an agreement with Traveo so THE bad asses in Cancun hook YOU UP as a US college student.

One other GREAT advantage with Traveo is the exclusive agreements Traveo has with student tour companies in Mexico, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, & Puerto Rico means you will meet & mingle with a truly hot, international clientele instead of Joe and Tom from Jersey. Unlike other cancun spring break travel agencies, you will find the girl to guy ratio is about even due to this fact.

Traveo is also the ONLY student tour company with a tour desk in the lobbies of both the Grand Oasis Cancun and the Gran Caribe Real that is professionally staffed. You will not have to search around for staff members unlike other spring break tour operators with college students staffing their programs that rarely even speak Spanish. Yes, we know - that's unbelievable but very true!

Please call 800.821.2176 to book the truly ultimate Cancun Spring Break Trip Package.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Now Hiring – Spring Break Onsite Staff

Inertia Tours Spring Break Company Needs onsite staff people Hospitality Division South Padre Island, Texas. If you are: fun & outgoing, hardworking & honest, can relate to students 17-23 years old, like travel, and seeing new places, think clubs, DJs, and MTV celebs are the stuff, have a pleasant physical demeanor. We will train you in 100%.

We provide airfare after the 23 days of employment, the first 21 days are considered conditional employment, as spring break can be very corrupting (as in partying too hard) and about half our staff won’t make it the distance. There are two tours of duty available, the first starting February 22, the 2nd starting March 14th.

Housing Provided:
Lodging we provide on location in South Padre Island in various staff houses, double occupancy (2 per room) same sex roommates. The job pays $140 per week, plus bonuses each week based on performance. 14 restaurant meals are provided on our student meal plan, as well as VIP access to our events. Don’t worry, in South Padre Island on spring break, you won’t want to BE at any other events, anyway.

Hours to Work:
You will work 7 days per week, from 11 a.m.-1:00 a.m., but we use work loosely, as this is mostly having fun with our students. One night per week you are not allowed to drink, plus no staff may drink or party on Friday nights.

What you'll do:
Hospitality staff assist with staffing our events, customer service care, and check ins. In a nutshell, you get to take the trip our clients pay to come on  but see it from an incredible, behind the scenes sort of way. Our onsite staff are mini-celebrities in and of themselves! Feb 23 is our first start date. Youll also get the respect & pride of being number one with the biggest spring break parties (over 3000 in attendance per night) in South Padre Island, Texas.

What we need for you to be considered:
If you are interested, please contact us back with a letter of affirmation, as well as a full color photo headshot that we can use for staff ids if you are hired, well let you know within a weeks time of submission about a phone interview. We also need one paragraph why you'd make a good candidate, and the dates you are available.

Please, do NOT make a commitment to this position unless you are 100% committed to it, as once you commit to us, we commit to you. Around 50% of our staff that are successful come back year after year. Be a part of a bad ass company & team!
This is in fact work, and it can get long, even IF you are on spring break. What a lot of our staff don’t keep in mind is that they are there for the comfort & fun our student travelers, not paying clients on vacation. This is not a vacation, but it a great experience  youll love it as much as our clients love our trips!

Send letters of interest to: for consideration.
If you have questions, feel free to call our office toll free 800 821 2176 x 1 and ask for Chad.

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Why to consider Puerto Vallarta Spring Break

Why Puerto Vallarta Spring Break?

Puerto Vallarta is probably the overall classiest spring break destination in Mexico. The hotels are very nice, the restaurants are good, and the service is first class. It lacks some of the traditional, trashy contests.

Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta offers some of the best array of dining available in Mexico. While this might not seem all that important, food matters to your belly

Puerto Vallarta is more of a cozy bar scene than the huge club scene and many people prefer this as it is somewhat easier to meet people friendlier.

There are not really any bad areas in Puerto Vallarta it truly is a tourist. Destination with good safety aspects unlike some other places you can choose. The Malecon boulevard downtown.

This spectacular boulevard downtown set along side the bay/Pacific ocean offers some of the most beautiful sunsets on spring break. The Malecon is also a strip of fun bars & restaurants that are beachview like Zoo Bar & Carlos OBriens, to name a few

It is an authentic Mexican city full of culture. Unlike for example Cancun Puerto Vallarta is a city in and of itself. That means youll get to bust out Spanish and learn something unique about Mexico we feel. The outdoor Market is an example of this.

Great mix of familiarity with some American restaurants crossed with many mom & pop local places that are super fun to discover. The overall lack of huge spring break travel volume If you are looking for a destination that is still the beach, Mexico, & fun, but lacks huge flocks of college students, Puerto Vallarta makes arguably the best spring break destination choice.

Puerto Vallarta is a great choice for those spring break student travelers that would like to chose a destination that is not ultra-packed, has a unique cultural experience, and still offers great hotels!

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Are you THE BEST skier or snowboarder at your school’s campus?

If you are TRULY the BEST skier or snowboarder at your school’s campus, you need to email or call me as soon as possible so that I can set you up as a Campus Manager for our Company for one of our killer ski trips….here’s is why repping our ski trips are better than doing it with anyone else:

1.) Our destinations rock. We offer Breckenridge/Vail, Aspen, & Telluride…all the foremost skiing in all of Colorado.

2.) Your benefits as a Rep. We will get you:
* A free ski trip for winter break with all lift tickets, plus our best available condo in your category
* A free REP trip to South Padre Island for spring break any week, plus MTV celebrity access onsite
* A free mini vacation (2 nights/3 day hotel stay) with your very first sale
* An extra walk to lift condo in Breckenridge in February for 2 nights/3 days for just $100/night if
you decide to come back.

All of this, with just 14 trips sold. Lastly, ANY ski Campus Manager that sells 51 trips for Inertia Tours to ANY ski destination we offer, you will receive a free Heli-Ski drop off (value $600+ USD!!!!). NO OTHER COMPANY OFFERS YOU THESE BENEFITS!!!

Sadly, we only offer this Rep / Manager incentive to the very best skier/boarder (one each) per campus. The selection of our Reps is at our sole, objective discretion. You will need to personally email me, Chad, at as to why I should consider you for this position.


Chad Hart
Inertia Tours Inc.
800 821 2176

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why book a condo in South Padre instead of a hotel

                   Why book a condo in South Padre instead of a hotel. 

Here is the down and dirty list of why Inertia Tours only uses condos in South Padre Island for spring break.

For one, the condos are bigger. They are much like a Presidential or Master Suite at a normal hotel. For two, all of Inertia's condos have a full size kitchen with a fridge. 

This is perfect for storing those all important party beverages. A sub point to this is that the kitchens are fully stocked so you can save money by stocking up on munchies, making sandwiches, or nuking those Deli Express Super Red Hot Bomb Ass burritos.

For three, none of our condos restrict you bringing in alcohol like hotels can sometimes do as they want to sell you expensive pool drinks.

For four, our 2 and 3 bedroom condos have separate bedrooms. Guess what – way, much more privacy, and better for your spring break make out sessions.

For five, our condos allow you to drink poolside (no glass bottles/containers) so that will save you mad cash on drinks. Make your own of course.

For six, security are not as big of dicks as hotels
For seven, the big condos hold more people, allowing you to bring more people, and have a bigger group which equates to even more fun.

For eight, because of the big groups, it is just that much easier to meet people – part of the reason of going on spring break.

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

South Padre Spring Break Oct. Tips for students

College students looking to book South Padre Spring Break 2014 can get a few tips as provided by Chad Hart, the President of Inertia Tours a college spring break travel company specializing in trips to South Padre Island, Texas.

  1. Consider transportation options
          Road trip to Texas. You simply cannot get to a popular spring break destination cheaper than everyone loading up and driving to Texas. With gas prices falling, this option generally will cost you 50 to 150 per person after you split gas money and an oil change. Combining this with a 299 beachfront condo with meals equates to a quality, low cost spring break vacation.

Another way to save money is to consider jumping on a motorcoach party bus. From many midwestern US cities Inertia Tours offers students roundtrip bus from their campus with a condo, meals and parties each night included for 500 to 650 per student. The great thing about this option is you dont have to use someones vehicle putting miles on it and risking breakdown or accidents.

If flying be prepared on budget. What used to be a 350 roundtrip ticket is now likely 500 to 750 per person just for the flight. While this is fast convenient and the easiest way go travel, for many students this is just too expensive with a flight condo and meals running 1000 to 1400 per person

2.  Compare a condo to a hotel room

         While hotel rooms are generally cheaper in price, you also do not get a kitchen. Having a kitchen alone can save you as a student $10 to $20 per day per person as you don't have to eat out all the time. Consider that value.

Additionally, condos have a full sized living room as well as a full sized fridge to keep your party beverages cold AND give you pre game socializing space. That's worth something.

  Sunchase Beachfront Condos exclusively by Inertia Tours

3. Location matters

          Off the beaten path hotels and condos are cheaper for a reason. Taking cabs all the time can
 add an easy $100 to $200 per person to your trip. Staying within walking distance to major nightclubs not only makes your spring break trip more enjoyable and your friends will be happier. This is especially true for South Padre Spring Break and Panama City Spring Break.

You will have to pay more for prime time location, but in the end it could actually save you more money. For South Padre Island condos look at Sunchase Beachfront Condos and the Peninsula. For Panama City condos look at Laketown Wharf or summit condos

4.   Make sure the travel company can send you photos and videos

        We are always amazed by students booking with some travel thing they found online only to find they have scraped photos from Inertia Tours for South Padre or our partner Traveo for Cancun claiming they have onsite programs with staff.

 If they do, it's really easy - ask for their online photo album and youtube channel. For example, with over 900 spring break videos and our Flickr spring break photos album

5.  Consider your group size to help or hurt your price

When traveling to USA spring break destinations in Texas or Florida, a big group can mean you get superb, massive 2 or 3 bedroom condos all at the same complex for a discount. However, if you have a big group and are flying particularly for cancun spring break or puerto vallarta spring break, expect massive price fluctuations.

As airlines sell seats and therefore fill planes, they use what is called yield management to raise the price and their revenue. What this means if you a price a spring break deal on expedia. for 3 people, and get a price of say $1000, and expect it to be $1000 for 20 people..."ain't gonna happen!" It'll be $1000 for the first 3, then $1049 for the next 3, then $1052 etc. The last people booking could be at $2000 per person!

This is a BIG advantage of booking with a student travel company like inertia tours. We have group air contracts with major airlines so you can all fly together. On the surface, we may quote you $1149 for the expedia trip you found for $1000. However, if you total up the tad inertia would be at $22,980 for everyone and a OTA like Expedia most often you will find at say $25,100. The savings evaporated plus..what a hassle booking 8 people at time PRAYING the seats are there on the same flights OR the price doesn't spike after you get that first 8 booked.

6.     Watch for fees when comparing prices

         Usually the lowest price isn't a good thing. Sorry means low value too. Not always...just usually. If you find 3 prices all close to the same, and some online provider clearly 25% cheaper, that's a red flag, not the deal of a lifetime.

There are exceptions to this rule. An example of this would be Inertia Tours in South Padre Island. As Inertia brings 12x's more students to South Padre than all other travel companies COMBINED...that buying power can mean massive price differences in students favor

We hear it alot. How can you be $100 per person cheaper than this online guy at Saida? Easy, we have the most condos there. Our buying power means a lower price.

If you have questions on spring break 2014, please contact inertia tours at or 800 821 2176 or email


We Are INERTIA TOURS Spring Break 2014

We Are INERTIA TOURS Spring Break 2014

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spring Break Trips

Inertia Tours South Padre Island Spring Break 2014

Via Flickr:
Cancun Spring Break Hotels

Spring Break Trips

Inertia Tours South Padre Island Spring Break 2014

Via Flickr:
Cancun Spring Break Hotels

Spring Break Trips

Inertia Tours South Padre Island Spring Break 2014

Via Flickr:
Cancun Spring Break Hotels

Spring Break Trips

Inertia Tours South Padre Island Spring Break 2014

Via Flickr:
Cancun Spring Break Hotels
link text

Spring Break Trips

Inertia Tours South Padre Island Spring Break 2014

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Cancun Spring Break Hotels

Spring Break Trips

Inertia Tours South Padre Island Spring Break 2014

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Cancun Spring Break Hotels
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Spring Break Trips

Inertia Tours South Padre Island Spring Break 2014

Via Flickr:
Cancun Spring Break Hotels