Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why book a condo in South Padre instead of a hotel

                   Why book a condo in South Padre instead of a hotel. 

Here is the down and dirty list of why Inertia Tours only uses condos in South Padre Island for spring break.

For one, the condos are bigger. They are much like a Presidential or Master Suite at a normal hotel. For two, all of Inertia's condos have a full size kitchen with a fridge. 

This is perfect for storing those all important party beverages. A sub point to this is that the kitchens are fully stocked so you can save money by stocking up on munchies, making sandwiches, or nuking those Deli Express Super Red Hot Bomb Ass burritos.

For three, none of our condos restrict you bringing in alcohol like hotels can sometimes do as they want to sell you expensive pool drinks.

For four, our 2 and 3 bedroom condos have separate bedrooms. Guess what – way, much more privacy, and better for your spring break make out sessions.

For five, our condos allow you to drink poolside (no glass bottles/containers) so that will save you mad cash on drinks. Make your own of course.

For six, security are not as big of dicks as hotels
For seven, the big condos hold more people, allowing you to bring more people, and have a bigger group which equates to even more fun.

For eight, because of the big groups, it is just that much easier to meet people – part of the reason of going on spring break.

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