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Best Spring Break Condos for South Padre Spring Break 2014

As Inertia Tours is actually based on South Padre Island, Texas we can expertly assist you with planning South Padre Spring Break 2014.

Why book a condo over a hotel? Easy. Full size kitchen saves you money on grub. More room to party in it or hook up. Think pregaming in a living room instead of sitting on a double bed at the Motel 6....ummm...yeah a condo is way better.

Best spring break condos for south padre island are:

      North End:
                         Inverness Beach Resort       Standard Beachfront Condos Category
                                             *Walk to Clayton's Beach Bar home of the spring break stage
                                             *Very big square footage
                                             *As Inertia Spring Break has virtually the entire building, it's
                                                 all students
                                              *Security is cool so you can sign someone in for the night
                                                for "spring break romance" but note..they won't multiple
                                                nights and WILL EVICT YOU if you bring unregistered
                                                 guests in (aka sneak people in) with no refunds
                                               *Their pool is BYOB friendly means you can bring you own
                                                      booze to pool area.
                                               *Ample included parking so you don't get towed by
                                               *busiest weeks cabs can get to you to get you to clubs
                                               *Largest beachfront balconies on south padre island and you
                                                   100% are guaranteed direct beachfront view here.

                                               *Condos older inside. You generally won't find granite nor the 70"
                                                *Really too far to walk to nightclubs beside Claytons beach bar but
                                                   claytons is the new hotspot during the day now and it's only
                                                   300 yards away on the beach.

inverness beach, inverness south padre, inertia tours
Inverness Beach Resort by Inertia Tours in our Standard Beachfront Condos category for South Padre Spring Break. Notice the rooftop pool on 3rd floor

                         Internacional (ala "international" )   Standard Beachfront Condos Category

                                        *Immaculately clean pool
                                        *25 yards to ocean's water edge
                                         *Next door to wanna wanna beach bar one of only 5 beach bars on
                                              South Padre Island
                                          *Most of the 1 bedroom spring break condos there really DO SLEEP
                                                6 people as they have a pull out couch in living room
                                           *pool byob cool.....
                                           *Inertia Tours has every unit = fun full of students

                                         *older condos, not plush inside
                                         *No 2 bedroom condos
                                         *Small pool

      South End:
                Saida Towers                  Ultimate Beach Condos Category
                       *Has a reputation as being wild
                       *Direct beachfront units
                        *condos have massive size in all sizes of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units
                        *1000 to 2000 spring breakers here a week in March
                        *Three pools
                        *Arguably you can walk to nightclubs like Louies Backyard
                        *Within walking distance to 10 good restaurants in all price categories
                        *inertia tours' biggest spring break condo block

                                            *The #1 biggest problem is security - it's REALLY tight, if you are
                                              not staying at Saida nor have that wristband, you will NOT get
                                               by security, they individually check every person coming in.
                                                   = cockblocking
                                             *Security. Won't stand for partying in units
                                             *Guys ALWAYS demand Saida. It's like the Oasis Cancun of South
                                               Padre Island, 2 guys for every girl that stays there, might be 4 to 1
                                               actually. If you're a girl this could be awesome if you're a guy it sucks.

                      Sunchase Beachfront Condos     Ultimate Beach Condos Category
                              *Inertia Spring Break Travel have every single condo there = wild
                              *Security super cool. You can participate in spring break romance here
                              *NICE NICE NICE condos all directly facing ocean
                              *200 yards closer to nightclubs than Saida Towers
                              *even ratio guys to girls
                              *home to PRIVATE DJ parties every Thursday poolside if you are staying
                                    there OR have the student ID from that school that booked it out that week
                                    (example U of Illinois has it March 23-March 29th for spring break 2014
                                       therefore their DJ's do their private pool party that you can only go to IF
                                         you are staying at Sunchase OR you go to U of Illinois Champaign.

                                     *There really aren't any other than the stay costs more than Inverness
                                         or internacional in the standard beach condos category)
sunchase beachfront condos, sunchase south padre, inertia tours
Living room at Sunchase Beachfront Condos South Padre Island by Inertia Tours

                        Peninsula Island Beach Resort        Ultimate Beach Condos Category
                             *Luxurious. The place has both suites which are like hotel rooms with a kitchenette
                                    but is mostly 3 bedroom presidential condos valued over $1 million USD
                              *Largest square footage. They COMFORTABLY sleep 10 people
                              *units have a washer/dryer in them. Doesn't seem like a big deal but after a week
                                  it's pretty dang nice to wash your clothes before you go home
                              *all units have massive beachfront patios
                              *restaurant on site with room service PLUS swim up bar
                               *Infinity pool is one of nicest on south padre island
                               *only complex with included fitness center/gym
                               *Security cool with spring break romance but UNCOOL with sneaking in 
                                  unregistered guests. They will find you and evict you..happens every year.
                                            *400  yards further south than sunchase beachfront condos and 150
                                               yards from Saida...means that much further walk to nightclubs
                                            *they won't put up with unit damages due to high value
                                            *not many guys stay here. Girls outnumber guys here 2 to 1 due to price
                                            *higher price than some condos
peninsula south padre, inertia tours, spring break condos
Peninsula South Padre by Inertia Tours Spring Break. Shot with pool to the RIGHT and tower one in background with doors to restaurant visible.

Call Inertia Tours toll free 800 821 2176 for more detailed information. Even if you DO NOT have a condo with inertia tours, we can give you advice on how to maximize your stay for Spring Break South Padre Island. Email us info@inertiatourscom  

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