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Cancun Spring Break 2014 via the Inertia Tours & Traveo partnership

Inertia Tours is proud to announce that it has been exclusively selected by TRAVEO as the only US college spring break travel company to represent TRAVEO's onsite spring break cancun party program & onsite program for the next 3 years.

When booking spring break 2014, there are several key factors why Inertia Tours & Traveo have partnered for this unique program that you will not find anywhere else.

traveo cancun, inertia tours
Traveo Cancun Spring Break 2014 program by Inertia Tours

 Benefits for college spring break travelers:

  • Traveo, being based in Mexico, has all of the local relationships & connections in Cancun that far surpasses what any spring break tour operator from the US has achieved in terms of exclusivity. TRAVEO is not just natives of the Spanish language, but natives of Mexico.

  • Daily from 1 pm to 6 pm Traveo features exclusively for Inertia & its clients the Jagermeister Beach Stage with live DJ's as well as the fact that Inertia Tours students receive unlimited beverages on the open bar right in the sand - no need to trudge up to the hotel bar to get a drink. This stage is located at the 5 star Gran Caribe Real, THE nicest hotel in Cancun that welcomes students with open arms.

Click here for actual video of the Jagermeister spring break party stage:

  •   When Inertia Tours clients add the Red Carpet VIP Party Package for Cancun spring break, this package isn't some junked out "party package" you might see elsewhere. This spring break party package includes:
  1. Private transportation to/from the Gran Caribe or Oasis Cancun nightly from 10 pm to 3 am roundtrip at no additional charge. No need to take a taxi or cab or ride the tourist bus which takes forever and a day to get from your hotel to the cancun party center. 
    Oasis Cancun, all inclusive spring break, inertia tours
    Grand Oasis Cancun Spring Break All Inclusive Hotel by Inertia Tours & TRAVEO
  2.  Private security staff at the clubs outside at front door. Our students check in for safety prior to leaving the club. The transportation that is included leaves every hour on the hour. Should an Inertia client need to leave sooner, private Traveo Suburban's will take them back to the hotel with a same sex staff member for safety. You are NEVER alone on our party program which will give parents a piece of mind
  3. Unlike other cheesy spring break tour operators with "vip lines" that don't actually exist...with Traveo, they do. Inertia clients with the exclusive Traveo wristband will enjoy a special VIP entrance each night to a specific club with NO COVER CHARGE to enter. 
  4. Once inside, all Inertia guests get a reserved VIP table with bottle service. From 10 pm to 2 am, Inertia clients receive UNLIMITED, sealed bottles of liquor delivered to their private table at no additional charge. This is not a typo...yes...unlimited bottles in bottle service with mixers - not a joke and you will NOT find this anywhere else for spring break 2014 in Cancun.
  5. We only use the best clubs in Cancun like the Pink Kitty, Palazzo, Mandala, Mandala Beach Club, Coco Bongo, the City & more. 
    city cancun, inertia tours, cancun spring break
    The City Cancun - the Largest Spring Break Nightclub in Cancun by Inertia Tours
  6. We do not SURCHARGE (ie charge our guests) an additional fee if there happens to be a headliner DJ at the club like you will experience else where as a hidden fee for other spring break party packages in Cancun.
  7. Tipping for guest is all inclusive. This means you don't have to worry as a spring break client about getting ripped off by the waiter for bottle service, or worse, your pesky friend that steals the tip money to cover their share of the bottle price. 
  8. The package makes budgeting super easy. If you book an all inclusive spring break hotel like the oasis cancun or gran caribe real, you really have all meals and drinks included 24 hours a day.
  9. Our Red Carpet VIP Party Package Cancun includes a DAY TIME booze cruise that is 3 hours long, stays in the hotel zone, and features not just open bar, but all you can eat. This 125' foot catamarran has a loop de loop waterslide off the back as well as a certified lifeguard aboard. The best part, no going to a mosquito invested island and eating crappy buffet food for $75 like others charge, nor missing out on a club event. 
  10. Every single night our clients EXCLUSIVELY receive no cover charge to the after party from 3 am. to 6 am at mandala beach club, a $10 USD value each night. Yes, TRAVEO staffers are there until 6 am to make sure your party experience is safe, and complete.
  11. Finally, do not think that while your cancun spring break will be staffed by Traveo, Inertia Tours will not have US American staff people onsite, because Inertia Spring Break will. Besides, Traveo staffers speak English. Wouldn't you rather travel with a US spring break travel agency (Inertia Tours) that actually took the time to find THE ULTIMATE party experience in Cancun (TRAVEO) instead of trying to just "do it themselves" to line their pocketbook? Well, with Inertia Tours we have signed such an agreement with Traveo so THE bad asses in Cancun hook YOU UP as a US college student.

One other GREAT advantage with Traveo is the exclusive agreements Traveo has with student tour companies in Mexico, Panama, Columbia, Venezuela, & Puerto Rico means you will meet & mingle with a truly hot, international clientele instead of Joe and Tom from Jersey. Unlike other cancun spring break travel agencies, you will find the girl to guy ratio is about even due to this fact.

Traveo is also the ONLY student tour company with a tour desk in the lobbies of both the Grand Oasis Cancun and the Gran Caribe Real that is professionally staffed. You will not have to search around for staff members unlike other spring break tour operators with college students staffing their programs that rarely even speak Spanish. Yes, we know - that's unbelievable but very true!

Please call 800.821.2176 to book the truly ultimate Cancun Spring Break Trip Package.

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