Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why to consider Puerto Vallarta Spring Break

Why Puerto Vallarta Spring Break?

Puerto Vallarta is probably the overall classiest spring break destination in Mexico. The hotels are very nice, the restaurants are good, and the service is first class. It lacks some of the traditional, trashy contests.

Spring Break in Puerto Vallarta offers some of the best array of dining available in Mexico. While this might not seem all that important, food matters to your belly

Puerto Vallarta is more of a cozy bar scene than the huge club scene and many people prefer this as it is somewhat easier to meet people friendlier.

There are not really any bad areas in Puerto Vallarta it truly is a tourist. Destination with good safety aspects unlike some other places you can choose. The Malecon boulevard downtown.

This spectacular boulevard downtown set along side the bay/Pacific ocean offers some of the most beautiful sunsets on spring break. The Malecon is also a strip of fun bars & restaurants that are beachview like Zoo Bar & Carlos OBriens, to name a few

It is an authentic Mexican city full of culture. Unlike for example Cancun Puerto Vallarta is a city in and of itself. That means youll get to bust out Spanish and learn something unique about Mexico we feel. The outdoor Market is an example of this.

Great mix of familiarity with some American restaurants crossed with many mom & pop local places that are super fun to discover. The overall lack of huge spring break travel volume If you are looking for a destination that is still the beach, Mexico, & fun, but lacks huge flocks of college students, Puerto Vallarta makes arguably the best spring break destination choice.

Puerto Vallarta is a great choice for those spring break student travelers that would like to chose a destination that is not ultra-packed, has a unique cultural experience, and still offers great hotels!

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