Friday, October 25, 2013

Now Hiring – Spring Break Onsite Staff

Inertia Tours Spring Break Company Needs onsite staff people Hospitality Division South Padre Island, Texas. If you are: fun & outgoing, hardworking & honest, can relate to students 17-23 years old, like travel, and seeing new places, think clubs, DJs, and MTV celebs are the stuff, have a pleasant physical demeanor. We will train you in 100%.

We provide airfare after the 23 days of employment, the first 21 days are considered conditional employment, as spring break can be very corrupting (as in partying too hard) and about half our staff won’t make it the distance. There are two tours of duty available, the first starting February 22, the 2nd starting March 14th.

Housing Provided:
Lodging we provide on location in South Padre Island in various staff houses, double occupancy (2 per room) same sex roommates. The job pays $140 per week, plus bonuses each week based on performance. 14 restaurant meals are provided on our student meal plan, as well as VIP access to our events. Don’t worry, in South Padre Island on spring break, you won’t want to BE at any other events, anyway.

Hours to Work:
You will work 7 days per week, from 11 a.m.-1:00 a.m., but we use work loosely, as this is mostly having fun with our students. One night per week you are not allowed to drink, plus no staff may drink or party on Friday nights.

What you'll do:
Hospitality staff assist with staffing our events, customer service care, and check ins. In a nutshell, you get to take the trip our clients pay to come on  but see it from an incredible, behind the scenes sort of way. Our onsite staff are mini-celebrities in and of themselves! Feb 23 is our first start date. Youll also get the respect & pride of being number one with the biggest spring break parties (over 3000 in attendance per night) in South Padre Island, Texas.

What we need for you to be considered:
If you are interested, please contact us back with a letter of affirmation, as well as a full color photo headshot that we can use for staff ids if you are hired, well let you know within a weeks time of submission about a phone interview. We also need one paragraph why you'd make a good candidate, and the dates you are available.

Please, do NOT make a commitment to this position unless you are 100% committed to it, as once you commit to us, we commit to you. Around 50% of our staff that are successful come back year after year. Be a part of a bad ass company & team!
This is in fact work, and it can get long, even IF you are on spring break. What a lot of our staff don’t keep in mind is that they are there for the comfort & fun our student travelers, not paying clients on vacation. This is not a vacation, but it a great experience  youll love it as much as our clients love our trips!

Send letters of interest to: for consideration.
If you have questions, feel free to call our office toll free 800 821 2176 x 1 and ask for Chad.

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