Saturday, October 5, 2013

South Padre MAYHEM Spring Break Trips By Inertia Tours

South Padre Spring Break Trips By Inertia Tours

Unlike other travel providers, you can easily see on our website clear evidence of big, packed event parties on our South Padre Spring Break Trips.

Inertia Tours has over 24,000 pictures that are categorized by night and by party. 
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We spend thousands on photography not only so our travelers can see themselves having a great time, but so that you as our potentially new clients can witness the mayhem we offer to you.

 Seriously it is spring break you live once inertia tours dominates South Padre. 

We have all the hook ups the best DJ'S,celebs even hotels and condos. Oh ya we do it all for under 500 bucks! You can't beat us

 Ladies looking for a good time with your sisters? Or if you get bored go find some company we have you covered.

 Hey guys don't worry we look after you too. It is fun for all a great time to let go and just have fun and do it with Inertia Tours.
 If you’d like the best possible vacation for spring break under $500/person with a beachfront condo, meals, & parties all included, call us today 800 821 2176 and let us see what we can do for you!

               Oh ya one last thing...bring your suits....
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I don't even need to convince you.


  1. Very cool. How come I have never heard of you all before? I just started seeing these articles and they are great! WHO ARE THE CELEBS