Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Ultimate South Padre Spring Break Stay

                           The Ultimate South Padre Spring Break Stay

I’m going to give a quick run down on why, if you are seeking the best possible accommodations on all the “big three” reasons (nice i.e..posh inside, great location, party), Saida Towers is your best choice in South Padre Island for spring break.

Ok, granted you’ll notice we have

 Saida Towers listed as the “ultimate” within the booking or reservation pricing engine so it seems like we might be pushing it for profitable reasons. Sure, we have lots of condos there. However, there are several really, really great reasons to choose this place if a.) you have 6 or more people going (cuts down on the cost), b.) it might be your Senior year, and you want to go all out or c.) you went on spring break last year to wherever, stayed at the cheap place, (as you were sold that you’ll never been in the room anyway — well, of course not if it sucks.) anyway you stayed at the cheap place and were like, mo fo, for $100 extra I could have stayed over THERE (insert the name of the party hotel that’s really nice here). This would be Saida Towers.

Quick Description:

The Saida consists of 4 towers that have literally hundreds of condos inside. The units are all individually owned, so there is not a “front desk” to go to for service. The complex has 3 swimming pools, and 3 hot tub areas. One of the best features at Saida is that Turk’s is the onsite Bar & Restaurant — and the food is actually super, super good (albeit bar food like burgers & fried shrimp).
Saida is located beachfront on the Gulf of Mexico, in what is considered the “Beach South” location.

All the condos at Saida feature a full kitchen open to a living room area, separate bedroom (s), and generally, multiple bathrooms (girls, take note….1 bathroom for 6 people is a nightmare getting ready for you all). Every condo is right on the pool, facing the ocean, with a private patio & door to the oceanview.


Saida Towers is located (as above) on the Southern end of South Padre Island. This is a key place to be as you can walk to the entertainment district and the bars/clubs like Chaos, Palm Street Pier, Pelican West, Louies, Tequila Sunset, & more. Further, RIGHT in front of Saida is a very key establishment…that being Ben’s Liquor Store. Ben’s is key because it’s literally less than a 50 yard walk from the front entrance gate to Saida. At Saida, you can bring in all of your own liquor/beer — many hotels, you cannot. (we’ll talk more about this under Party).

Want to grab a quick bite to eat? Great, walk there. Kohnami Japanese (on our Free ta’ Eat Diner Program, by the way) has killer Sushi & a hibachi Japanese grill for grilled chicken if you’re Sushi scared. Or, walk to The Pantry Diner, McDonald’s, Sunset Deli, or Denny’s. (go to /mealplans for more details.

One of the most important things about Saida is that the area in front of Saida & the Radisson hotel is staged by the Coca Cola Corporation, and there a gads of Corporate sponsors throwing down contests, free souvenirs, and some fun, challenging games (tug o war, the Marine wall, etc). 

What happens is, THE WHOLE ISLAND during the day converges on this beach (called the Coca Cola Beach) and parties their ass off. As Kegs are legal on the beach in South Padre during spring break — imagine what happens: literally HUNDREDS of kegs all set up with Fraternity flags at full mast. If you stay at Saida, then you can just walk out your front door, beer in hand, down to the beach (open containers are legal on the beach!!!). Get your drink going, then walk back.

Well, then why not the Radisson? Well, we’re not dogging the Radisson, but the place isn’t all condos like Saida, they can be dicky about you bringing in your own booze, and security is too Gestapo for fear of (I don’t know, a drunk sorority girl? It’s ridiculous).

The security at Saida, while also tight (crowd control really) are much more level headed.
Oh yeah, we see some sites promoting “Saida/Royale” — yep, they share the same pool area. Guess what? Royale is more of a hotel, and you could end up with a standard room instead of a posh condo. Plus, it has its own front desk, and another layer of security problems (i.e…you can get blocked with your hot date for the night, a real drag). Don’t get fooled. Get a guaranteed condo at one of the 4 Saida Towers, don’t buy the b.s. Royale Beachclub is the same, or don’t book it. (at Inertia, we guarantee you’ll stay at Saida Towers)

Nice/Posh Inside:

Saida Towers has only one, two, and three bedroom condos. Each condo faces the ocean, has a private beachfront patio, a great view, and separate bedrooms. What we’ve seen most is, at Saida, you can BRING EVERYONE and you can ALL STAY together. Our groups of girls really like that for a lot of different reasons — plus ladies tend to be much sharper/brighter than dudes when it comes to booking their spring break trips — they use a tour like Inertia, and they book the best condo we have (Saida). Guess what? They also have a much more kick ass trip & time!

For our female travelers, having multiple bathrooms means cutting the “get ready time” by each bathroom extra in half, or even by a 1/3 (our three bedrooms have 3 bathrooms usually!!!). 

Plus, think about the after & before pregaming cocktails — not only does this save you money, it’s also fun as all hell. Nothing in my mind makes your spring break experience as complete as easily meeting a bunch of other cool party people staying right down the floor from you…so much more fun. The kitchens are all fully stocked, and yes, towels & bed linens are of course provided for (but not daily maid service).

The average value of our condos is well over $425,000 there — yeah, that’s alot for Texas real estate. Stay at the best place possible. Also, the difference in price is negligible. Did you know that it will probably save you only about $100 per person for the week to stay at a nice condo on the beach, vs. staying at THE CONDO at Saida on the beach? Do the math…that’s less than $15 per day extra to experience THE BEST — treat yourself. Please do understand, at Inertia, we have GREAT condos to suit all budgets, and we certainly don’t want you NOT coming on spring break because you can’t afford to really go, but our less expensive units you CAN make work & come — that’d be stupid. (In later blogs I will individually “sell” you why that place is the best to stay at of course).

The Party:

Well, this is THE reason to stay here, and has been referred to above several times. Unquestionable, Saida, through Inertia Tours making it so, has turned into the island hottest pre-game party hot spot. We mentioned the location which is key for the daytime events & parties on the beach. Next up, those huge condos are great for meeting your neighbors.

At Saida, (and EVERYWHERE in Padre during spring break)…if you after bar/throw that rager, you’re gonna get kicked the F out….but overall, what if you want to meet someone really easy, have a drink with them, and then maybe hook up later…Saida is a very good choice.
Folks, this is why I’d stay at Saida if I could stay ANYWHERE in South Padre Island during spring break…and as one of the Big Hats here, I can…so…’s kinda like the VP at a Hilton Hotel telling you WHAT IS THE BEST HILTON in the world…she might know, right?

Remember, I’m always only a phone call or email away if you need more specific reasons or information about ANY condo / hotel in South Padre. We pride ourselves on being Texas Friendly here in Austin!
Inertia Chad OUT!
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