Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Why I love South Padre Island For Spring Break

        Why I love South Padre Island For Spring Break

Its always warm there – further south than Miami

* The beach is untouched and natural. No annoying vendors or cars driving around on it

*Restaurants are cheap and plentiful, food is borderline excellent if you know where to go

 *Huge drinks at the clubs – 32 oz and bigger at reasonable prices
Overall, food and drinks are always what we call here Texas-sized, and that means huge

                               The banana boat DUH!

*Condos are simply huge, like a presidential suite in a normal hotel

*The Locals will get to know you by the end of the week and remember your face and name

People in Texas are friendly, helpful, and quite honest

*You can hear country music sometimes

*One of the best places on earth to learn how to catch a wave as a beginning surfer

*It is small enough that you can walk around most places

*Value priced as you can drive there. Usually, 300-400 per person is about all you need for a great week long trip if you drive down.

Inertia Chad…OUT!

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  1. oh WHAT a dream...thanks for sharing this great opportunity to plan ahead....especially thank you to Justin Matthew....who makes so many things possible