Wednesday, September 4, 2013

You Won’t Be Bored with South Padre Island Texas as Your Spring Break Destination

This place was meant to be the Spring Break party place and just like everything in Texas, they do Spring Break BIG. With events and activities packed in continuously and the one part of Spring Break that doesn’t apply here is the “Break.”
Located at the tropical tip of Texas South Padre Island is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre Bay; giving you a spring break designed with nothing but sand, sun and fun on the Texas beaches. Geared towards a safe and fun event during Spring Break there are a ton of big name corporations that sponsor a series of events for a South Padre Island paradise. A free shuttle bus offers rides all around the area; making sure you have safe transportation to various events. There’s nothing like the South Padre Beaches to give you a variety of fun.  Wind surfing, kite boarding, water skiing, horseback riding on the beach, and so much more is an every day event on South Padre Island. During spring break you can buy party packages that can save you tons of money as some cover charges can cost up to $60 or more. But on the South Padre Beaches you can find everything from Celebrities to rock bands, Corporation sponsored parties and more. Coca-Cola is one of the largest sponsors and has been for many years. Night life is non-stop and parties range from big name bands to pool parties with night lights that bring out the beauty of the Texas beaches.
Daytime is still play time with beach Olympics, hot body and bikini contests, world famous music artists with wild parties. South Padre Island is always on the top 10 list of best party beaches for Spring Break! You can choose any spot on the South Padre Beaches and it’s sure to be a party spot during spring break.
If you’re trying to convince mom and dad that you’re old enough to enjoy some good fun and keep safe, South Padre Island has your back. You can even find packages that offer an On-Site Staff that is there to provide assistance 24/7. A top 10 party beach being your destination spot!
There are so many different packages and special deals that will help you afford all types of fun. The warm Gulf waters will keep you glistening while you swim, kite surf, and find even more to do along the gorgeous Texas beaches. If you’re into wild night life, exciting day parties and crowds of roaring good times then this is the party spot for you. Don’t hesitate, check out the package deals and get moving on being a part of this year’s South Padre Island Spring Break festivities. Who knows, you may meet some party folks at the Coke beach stage daily as well. Go to for specific pricing deals or call 800-821-2176  YouTube

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