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Top 10 Party Colleges/Universities in the USA

Each year the Princeton Review releases an annual ranking of the top 10 party schools of 2013. College administrative staff hate this list, especially if they make the rankings; however, many young adults use this list to pick a place where they know they can have some major fun while (maybe) also achieving an education.
So who ranked as #1? You’ll have to keep reading to see that…. Because we’re counting down from #10.
Coming in at #10 is The University of Texas in Austin, Texas. I guess the saying’s true that everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the party atmosphere! If you can’t talk mom & dad into signing you on perhaps you could bring up that they rate #4 for the Best Career Services and 17 on the list of Best College Libraries (where you will obviously be spending a lot of time studying… right?).
Number 9 is the University of Florida in Gainesville. This place doesn’t mess around though because while it may be a party school it’s also known for their Best Health Services (#10) and ranking 16th for best athletic facilities. You can beef up your reason for going to Florida by telling the folks they were the country’s BEST Career Services and #2 for packing their stadium full with students for their athletics.
Florida seems to stay in the ranking as Florida State University in Tallahassee comes in at number 8. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Florida also comes in as one of the top hot spots for spring break too, right? They’re also known for being big into intramural sports.
Penn State in University Park, PA has made the list numerous times and this year it comes in at #7. Of course it ranked #1 in intramural sports; which comes as no surprise to those who follow the school. Penn State loves their jocks and jockettes and packs a fan base of both current students and alumni into their events often. But it’s not just a “dumb partying jock school” by any means. The students here actually are 7th on the list of Happiest Students and a “shingle” from PSU can help you land a great job too. Just keep the partying and the learning juggled so you can still pass!
Just outside of Pittsburgh, PA is a small college town that literally loves their West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV. The town literally thrives on the college base and while it ranks as #6 for party schools it also ranks highly on the sports end also. Coming in at #12 on the best athletic facilities list and 16th at the most students packing the stadium list. You get a small town atmosphere here with a party plan that’s all big town in style.
Ranked at 5th on the list is University of California in Santa Barbara. It’s not really a surprise that this school ranks so high on the party list because it’s literally located right on the Pacific Coast. IT also ranks 11th on the happiest students list. Hmmm? Any connection between beaches, sunshine, and parties that might make them rank pretty high on happiness too?
Fourth place will probably shock many. When you think of Iowa you just don’t think “party” do you? However the University of Iowa in Iowa City took 4th place in party schools. This could have something to do with ranking as #13 for Fraternities and Sororities too. There does seem to be a bit of a connection between Frat & Sorority houses and parties.
So who are the top 3 colleges/universities for being party animals?
University of Mississippi in University, MS ranked #3. Known as Ole Miss this school has a history behind its party atmosphere.
Coming in at #2 is University of Georgia in Athens, Ga. They fell from their pedestal of last year’s #1 Ranking; so I’m sure they’ll have to console themselves with some extra partying this year. The second best part of this school? Not only can you party hardy but they are ranked #6 in the US for best campus food! I mean come on… you can party and eat well. Oh, you can also get an education here too.
Drum roll please….. for the number one party school in the U.S.A. is…
Ohio University in Athens, OH. You’re not confused, Athens must be a great city and the Greeks must have trained their peers to party like the gods! You can not only party like an animal at Ohio U but you can do so on one of the top ranked most beautiful campuses too; coming in at #11. What more could you ask for?
There you have it boys and girls. Now don’t go showing this list to the ‘rents to help you get their approval. Keep it on the sly and pick your school according to where you’re going to get an amazing educational experience. *cough* Yeah, that’s exactly right… use this list to understand how the other rankings work within this collection of schools too and have some statistics to back up your desire to get your degree at one of these exemplary universities.
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Here is a video showing some of these parties:

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