Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cancun, Mexico – air, beachfront hotels, meals – price is $799/person

 Cancun, Mexico – air, beachfront hotels, meals – price is $799/person

Want a cheap spring break trip to Cancun? Book with Inertia Tours. We will get your roundtrip airfare, a beachfront hotel, and 2 dine around restaurant meals per day with NO HIDDEN FEES for $799/person.

To get this price, Inertia gets to select what hotel you stay in, but we do guarantee it to be beachfront!

The deposit per person to book this trip is $250/person, and the balance is due the first week in January.

Call us toll free 800 821 2176 and ask for Chad.

Cancun spring break is a great choice because:

*cheapest spring break trip with a flight ANYWHERE

*Brilliant blue water is clear over 100 feet deep. Amazing water!

*Nicest hotels you can find at any spring break destination

*American set up on food – pizza hut, mcdonalds, subway, etc.

*Clubs busy every week of spring break – Cancun always has people!
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