Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Quality & Value VS. Cheap Price & Good Enough – The Devil’s Gold of Spring Break Travel

Many of us are now exposed to massive on & offline efforts to “educate” us that buying travel online is not only the most efficient way to book, it’s also the “cheapest.”  They say, the “big 4″ in travel – expedia, orbitz, priceline, hotels.com (part of expedia) have spent a billion dollars “teaching us” that “cheap” is “good” when it comes to travel.  Airlines even bought into this nightmare of stupidity – which is…  Travel is a commodity. It’s like buying a can of Coke. If you buy a coke at walmart or you buy a can of Coke at Target, it’s the same can of Coke. Pay the least you can!  Stupid. And Dumb. And Wrong.
Even airfare really isn’t a commodity as you should be checking bag fees, how much time you must spend on layovers, and the like. You also get zero advice on the airport parking, rental cars, which hotels make sense, etc. All stuff a travel agent used to provide but got cut out by many different travel online sites. Knowledge actually is worth something. Unfortunately, and entire cadre of people that had that knowledge are in many ways gone…
However, buying a travel package like spring break has MANY package inclusions that will matter – and you really will not WANT a low price for things like meals or accommodations more than likely. Low price = cheap = horseshit. Consider if your spring break package has meals included. Well, if Inertia used fast food we could do the meals for$ $4 a person instead of $6-$8 per person (heavily discounted still thanks to our restaurant vendors).
I feel for people that fall into this trap. I did it. I went to Walt Disney World when I was 22 and stayed at the Ramada Maingate. It was only $39/night at the time to stay “on Disney” property was $150 a night. Do I need to finish this story? You don’t go to Disney World and not stay on property.
What really kills me about calling us and saying “I found a lower price.” Who gives a shit man! WalMart also has the cheapest clothes. So, do you dress in all walmart clothes? No? Well, why not? They are the cheapest after all.
Travel is one of the things that people look for “cheap” way too much as a college student particularly looking at spring break. We understand college students are on a budget, too. So, Mr. Genius Inertia Tours Dude, what SHOULD I look for?
Quality of accommodations – LOCATION is key on spring break
Value – a package can save you money in the long run, and without a doubt it definitely will end arguments in your group – the more included the better.
Inclusions – and pay attention to what, where, why, who, how here…”well they have meals included too.” Sure – but are they McDonalds? Are they coffee and a donut? Where are they, when, and what are the choices?
Even things like comparing trip to trip…Trip X to Cancun has airport transfers included like Inertia does include, while Trip Y does not. Guess what? That “trip that was cheaper” now all of a sudden really is $75 per person more, AND your friends want to beat you up for missing that.
Hotel or Condos – where are they? Saving $10/day x 7 days is $70 for the trip in savings. But the dump you booked requires a cab 2 times a day roundtrip, so it’s $20/day more, or $140 total more for the week. Now you have pissed off friends, ride times, inconvenience, etc. All because you “found a better deal online.” No you didn’t, you Baboon!
Parties – “they include a party package’ – and…what does that mean? Does that mean you get free booze included at the parties and get to clubs you actually want to go to, or small bars with no cover? Does it mean no cool side trips are included like a booze cruise?
Finally, at Inertia we compete with many douche “owner” travel sites that are “rent by owner” and “rental agency” types of scams. They have condos all right, but when you arrive, get ready to bend on over. “Sorry sir, the tax of 15% isn’t included.” Oh, the property charges a fee of $25 per person for security wristbands – it’s “their” fee not ours so you have to pay us now so we can pay them for you and give you the wristbands” and my favorite scam these guys ALL RUN – the “refundable damage deposit” scam.  They take $50 per person in cash off you at check in to “insure against damages.” If you “don’t damage the unit you get the money back.” So, you don’t damage the unit. At check out, they let you know that they will send ONE check for the FULL amount back to the ONE person in the group as right now, housekeeping is backed up and they don’t have time to check the unit for damages. So, you leave. You never get the money. You live in Kansas, not Texas. SO, are you going to sue them for the $50? You could – you’d win. But…for $50? nope. They know this. It’s a TOTAL scam. Even IF you got the check back, if that one kid cashes the check and doesn’t give you your money back, then what? You guessed it – it’s not the condo rental agency’s problem, your friend now scammed you. These places NEVER let you put it on a credit card, either, for good reason it’s CASH ONLY.
Tax – $30 per person
Wristband fee – $25 per person
“refundable” damage deposit of $50 per person
Hidden Fees: $105 PER PERSON!!! HUGE HUGE difference in price. So, when you call Inertia to haggle our price and we tell you to buzz off, that’s why. Our prices INCLUDE any of this nonsense.
If you’d like a straight shooter on a trip, call us 800 821 2176 – we would love to earn your business, but not if we have to bullshit you to get you book.
Inertia Tours Chad…OUT!!!
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sreN2gnLeno

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