Sunday, September 29, 2013

south padre spring break booking tips

Today I'm going to provide South Padre Spring Break booking tips for college spring break 2014. Inertia Tours brings 12x 's more students to south padre than every other travel entity COMBINED.

1.) Book early.

Sound simple but this is especially important if you plan on including a flight. Booking in september or october vs december or janualry can save you an easy 100 USD per person on yoir flight

2.) When considering your accommodations for spring break south padre island at first ignore prices.

As a college student it is easy to get hung up finding a cheap price only to later find out your cheap deal is going to cost you more

Cases in point. You book something off the beach to save money. Great...but now you have to waste time waiting for the free tourist bus (called The Wave) or buying cabs all the time. book a hotel room instead of a confo because its cheaper to kitchen for cooking or storing your beer cold. That just cost you big time more

3.) Automatically demanding the trip accommodations alledgedly "everyone" is staying at.

We see this all the time on south padre island and spring break 2014 will prove no different.
A perfect example of this are demands for Saida Towers. Great...we have it. that same ultimate beach condos category we offer sunchase (condos closer to clubs) and peninsula (condos 2xs nicer). both complexes nicer and in similar locations but not dicussed. Thats stupid.

4.) The condo party douche.

Consistently there is and are groups of guys that never go out at night and get drunk with their fraternity every night in their condo.

Guys...girls want to go out. Usually to get a big fruity cocktail not to drink warm natty night and also...why drive some 12 to 20 hours to south padre texas just to drink with the same people you always do? Dont be the condo party douche.

5.) Bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend on your spring break trips.

Really? This is a drama filled situation. if your friend demands her boyfriend goes or vice versa get someone else to go. They either will get drunk and fight or shack up stealing the best bedroom because "they can spkit 1 bed." Itll be total bs either way. Its college...youbhave plenty of time to honeymoon later. Have a great time with your friends and leave them at home...or at the very least make them get their own group together and own acommodations or its gonna be a debbie downer

For more information on booking south padre spring break 2014 visit or call 800 821 2176 or email chad@inertiatours com.