Monday, September 2, 2013

College Ambassadors Wanted To Promote Spring Break Travel and To Earn Free Trips

Are you a student and planning to make a memorable tour to spend your spring vacations in a great way? Such tours are surely expensive and not all students can take the tour without the help of parents and others. There is money involved at every step of the trip right from booking the tickets, hotels to spending the money on daily foods and shopping as well. Can you afford spring break on your own? If not, then here is an excellent opportunity to travel to great places on your spring break free of cost. All you need to do is to see if becoming a college ambassadors for a travel company like Inertia Tours is a good fit.

Inertia Tours Spring Break Travel is currently offering free spring break trips for its College ambassadors. These students are responsible for promoting spring break travel packages on their campus. For these promotional activities the company will offer the students a trip free of cost. This way, students can easily meet the travel expenses and can also can valuable marketing experience for their resume after graduation.

Here is a two minute whiteboard video on the program:

If you are looking to create an impressive marketing resume for yourself so that you can get a nice job on the basis of it in the coming days, then doing a marketing job as a collage ambassador with Inertia Tours is a great opportunity that you can do for your future, besides enjoying a free spring break trip to exciting destinations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, South Padre Island, and Panama City Beach. Just as you act as an ambassador for promoting the tour, you will add it to your resume along with learning valuable marketing tips. You also have the benefit of earning cash and VIP Onsite Benefits like VIP club concierge service, bottle service at the best possible tables, and limo rides to/from the clubs.

All you need to do is fill our the quick 5 minute application for these vacancies with the company at If you arrange just 14 students or people from your sorority or fraternity, you will travel free.. You will be provided with complimentary professional training as well as the marketing material you will need without any charge. This is not some pyramid nor MLM scheme, it’s very straightforward. The Company wins by gaining your fellow students as clients. You gain with experience AND free travel. It’s a true win-win.

When you have successfully filled the application for being a college ambassador for spring break travel, you should understand that by working for 1-2hours per week first semester following their training you will travel free.

You can directly sell the trip to the students to as a REP who is selling the trips to your house, whether that be a fraternity or sorority – or, maybe you are not greek but still have a group – yes, you too can go free!

After you have sold your 15th trip, you will be paid the commission for the booking. The REPs promote the trips, do rooming lists and they also are responsible for collection of travel information, payments and documents. Please be aware that the payment process is easy and completely online, you do not have to handle money as a REP.

You will do simple things like set up a Facebook Group/Invite. Add photos and videos that Inertia can supply to you and you should be active on the group to get the desired goal of having more and more students find out  about the trip.

You will also be given full color flyers for your school to put up around campus to generate more trip sales for you and also to get more reps. You will learn this trick of marketing quickly in a few hours, right in your campus.

Please contact Inertia Tours at 800 821 2176 and ask for more information on being a REP, or visit to fill out the mini app on the program.. 

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