Monday, September 2, 2013

The History of Spring Break and Spring Break Today

Spring Break is a term that has taken many different avenues. The history of Spring Break actually goes back into the 1940’s or so. Beginning at the end of World War II, Spring Break was something that the “college kids” did between the months of March and April. From the beginning of these days, Florida was a tempting spot for large groups of college kids to gather; in particular in Fort Lauderdale.  As time progressed and kids changed, money was more plentiful for more than just the ‘rich kids’ and more and more kids decided this was their just desserts for putting up with an entire first half of college. While for many years spring break was truly only geared for young college kids to get away from the hassles of school, mid-terms and simply the everyday drama of the college days that eventually changed.
High School “Seniors” were given Spring Break trips to Florida or South Padre Island or Cancun and other warm areas by their parents as a means of reward and escape. Smart parents went with the kids, while there are always some parents that simply drop them off to have fun. The truth of the matter is if the kid is underage they cannot be responsible for a hotel room and legally should be accompanied by someone 18 or over. Often parents will go along to fix this problem, making a family vacation out of spring break time. Check out  for high school senior trips for spring break.
As time moved on television stations and shows, such as MTV Spring Break specials you can watch will glorify the party scene of what they want you to believe a typical spring break consists of. They want you to think hot young bodies, tons of alcohol, and wild irresponsible acts. Does this happen? Sure it happens; but, it’s not always the norm and you may be surprised at how the original history of what spring break was has once again become the norm.  Local communities that used to boast wild and uncontrollable parties have now taken a higher regard for responsibility.
Many families base their vacations around spring break and enjoy the family atmosphere offered in some places; while others take the family one way and give their young adult children the opportunity to go mingle and be a part of the wild party scene but just enough that they still have hold of the reigns. With set hours to get back together and the instant access of cell phones many families feel quite safe sharing their idea of a good time in tropical climates during the months between March and April. Many places offer special packages that are fairly all inclusive and some even combine a cruise with some party time to enjoy with friends and family.
There’s always going to be the idea of wild party vacations that will go with the history of spring break and what it has become; that will probably never change. However, many young adults have taken smarter approaches and realize that to party safely in their own environment is probably much more intelligent. Instead they still party and enjoy the freedom of wet and wild beaches, tanning bronze bodies, and even wild and crazy hot bod contests; but many do it with a sense of intellectual and social responsibility.
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