Friday, August 29, 2014

Top Spring Break Clubs in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is quickly becoming one of the more popular spring break destinations! The weather is great (in the high 80's), Inertia Tours has staff there full time to help get you situated from the moment you step off the airplane, and the club scene is starting to blow up!

Inertia Tours hooks you up with Party Vallarta, which has had experience with Puerto Vallata's clubs for over 17 years. They throw the biggest, craziest spring break parties.

Here are some of the top spring break clubs in Puerto Vallarta.


Located in the hotel zone, this is the biggest place to go for spring break parties! It is recently renovated with VIP tables that go around the entire dance floor. Lots of lasers and lights here. There is also a patio lounge located inside the club if you need a break.

Punto V

This club is on Boardwalk, just a few blocks away from Mandala in the heart of the city. The first floor is open and has a breathtaking view of the beach. Has a huge ceiling with a humongous chandelier. Gives it kind of a Great Gatsby movie vibe. Their VIP Sky bar is pretty sweet.


This club is a whole different kind of ball game. Exotic dancers lure you in from the entrance to an elegant and modern club room. You can get bottle service from private sections or even on the dance floors (that light up!). 


The largest club is Collage. Also one of the most fun clubs, even though it is a bit more casual. They have famous Foam Parties on Tuesdays. Has different forms of entertainment like fire dancers and break dancing. 


Mandala is the hottest club in Puerto Vallarta right now. They are constantly improving and updating to give you the best experience with music, lighting, and atmosphere. The two-level dance club and bar has huge windows to give a great view. 


Zoo is one of the older clubs, but is the place to be for old school hip hop lovers. Some of the best margaritas in the city are available here. The place has kind of a wild, tribal feel to it, so you can unleash the animal in you. 

Check out the Inertia Tours website to learn more about the clubs in Puerto Vallarta as well as other aspects of a vacation to this gorgeous city!

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