Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Why Having as Many Quality Inclusions in a Spring Break Vacation Matter

So, it's set! You're going on a spring break trip with your friends this year! You're excited for the beach, the parties, the drinks, and the people. But what do you have planned for your vacation? Yes it will be fun hanging at the beach, drinking, and partying every day/night, but sometimes it can get a little boring waiting for the next party!

Plan Some Quality Inclusions!

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when going on spring break vacations is not going on any inclusions or side trips. That's like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower! Or like going to Orlando, Florida without going to Disney or Universal Studios!

South Padre Island is the place to be for spring break. If you are already going there, you need to take advantage of what there is to do! We are talking about some of the clearest water and most amazing beaches in the world! It would be a shame to miss out on some of the great activities they have at South Padre.

Side Trips at South Padre Island

1. Dolphin Watch Tour

One of the most fun things to do is the Dolphin Watch Tour. South Padre Island has the most dolphins in the wild in North America, so you are guaranteed to see some! This is a great idea, especially if you don't live near the ocean and haven't seen dolphins in the wild before.

2. Learn to Surf

South Padre has great water, and is one of the best places to learn how to surf! The South Padre Surf Company does lessons. It's cool to be able to cross that one off your bucket list.

3. Party Yacht Cruise

Inertia Tours does a party yacht cruise for almost 2 hours of crazy fun. Has music, contest, and more. Also includes the cover charge after the cruise to Tequila Sunsets & Louies Backyard (which is an Inertia Tours exclusive event).

4. Parasailing

Sonny's Beach Service does parasailing (come on, how awesome does that look?). They are a very safe company and well trained with Captains that are Coast Guard approved. You also get a discount as an Inertia Tours client.

5. Bay Fishing

Ever been fishing in the ocean? South Padre Island has some of the best fishing grounds in the country. You definitely WILL catch some fish. 

6. Jet Skiing

You can rent Jet Skis and such from Windy City Rentals located at Tequila Sunsets. You also get a discount here for being with Inertia Tours. Come on, have you ever seen a sad person on a jet ski?

Inertia Tours Red Carpet VIP Party Package

Many of these side trips are options in the VIP Party Package. There are also lots of other things to do as well, like Skydiving. Or maybe you are going to Cancun instead of South Padre. That's cool too, we have lots of activities you can do there as well. Make sure you check out our site and see what there is to do during your spring break vacation.

Remember, you are going to have a great time on your spring break vacation with your friends. It's fun to party it up. But making sure you have quality inclusions on your vacation is what will make your spring break unforgettable.

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