Friday, September 12, 2014

Why Spring Break Ski Trips RULE to Colorado

Inertia Tours is the biggest provider of beach AND ski spring break trips for college students in the USA. When you think of spring break, you usually think of places like Cancun with nice beaches, clubbing all night, and crashing in a beachfront condo or hotel. But for some people, this kind of spring break just ins't their thing.

And that's okay.

We get it. It's still March. It can be cold at most U.S. beaches (but not in South Padre, home base of Inertia Tours). Skiing is just as much of a spring break activity as going to the beach parties. That's why Inertia Tours not only books spring break trips to popular beach destinations, but we also have ski trips to Colorado!

Where You Stay

Inertia Tours gives you the most complete Spring Break and Winter Break ski trip packages. Breckenridge Ski Resort is our best deal. You can get a full sized condo within Breckenridge. You can literally walk to the lifts from your condo! You also get a full kitchen, living room, fireplace, bedrooms & bathrooms- pretty much the works. If you hate Breckenridge (for some reason) you can check out our other Spring Break Ski Destinations at

What You Do

Ski/Snowboard, obviously! Packages include 4 days worth of lift tickets, so you can hit the slopes and get your fill of skiing or snowboarding. We suggest optional ski or board rentals if you don't have your own. We also suggest nightly party itinerary so you won't be bored when you're done with the mountain. 

What You Pay

This is the best part. Inertia Tours hooks you up with screaming deals for Winter Break Ski or Spring Break Ski Packages! You can get a 5 night 6 day trip WITH 4 days of lift tickets INCLUDED for $450-$550 per person!

Come check out our deals for Winter Break and Spring Break Ski Packages at

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