Monday, August 11, 2014

How to Convince Your Friends to Go On a Spring Break Trip

So you want to have an amazing Spring Break when it rolls around. I mean, going to the beach, hooking up with girls, getting drinks at the club- what about that doesn't sound good to a college student? Except there's only one issue: you don't want to go alone. Spring Break by yourself is no fun. You gotta have your friends there to make it a good experience. But then when you bring it up to them, they say they don't want to go! Is your perfect Spring Break ruined?
No! There is still hope. Deep down, of course your friends want to go. You just need to find out what is holding them back, and resolve the issue. Here are some ways to help you convince them to go on an awesome Spring Break trip with you.

I Don't Have Enough Money

Not having enough money is a common excuse for not wanting to go on Spring Break trips. However, this is easily overcome. Will it cost some money to go on a Spring Break trip? Yes. It isn't free to travel and stay at a hotel/condo. Plus you will definitely want a little spending cash when you get there, but like I said earlier, this is not a huge obstacle, especially when you plan in advance

It's all about priorities, and finding good deals! Inertia Tours has some sick Spring Break Packages to South Padre Island for under $500 per person! Meal plans are included with Inertia Tours. Also, the low down payment deposit you pay comes off of the trip price and reserves your spot. You don't even have to make your final payment until 60 days before your trip date! Anyone that books a trip this far in advance can save up enough to go.

Spring Break Is Too Cold To Go To The Beach

Is it cold at the beach in March? In most places, yes! Even in Florida it can be a bit chilly during Spring Break. However, Inertia Tours is based in South Padre Island, Texas. This is as far South as you can get and still be in the United States. South Padre has a warm gulf climate that is usually in the 80's during Spring Break, so you don't have to worry about being too cold to party on the beach.

Am I Even Old Enough For The Parties?

Your friends might be concerned about not being able to get into the clubs. You have good news for them. If you book with Inertia Tours to South Padre Island, you only have to be 18 to get into the clubs. It's still 21 to drink, but you can still party if you're not quite there yet. There's also tons of parties and entertainment during the day, including the Coke Beach Stage that offers free entertainment and music all day every day.

The bottom line is that you can convince your friends to go on a Spring Break trip with you! They may have some hesitations, but deep down they really want to go. You just have to figure out their concerns and resolve them. If they have concerns that I didn't address here, go to and look for the answer. Remember, you only have a limited time to be young and party. Make Spring Break 2015 one that you will never forget! 

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