Friday, November 1, 2013

How you’ll afford Spring Break this year

Many college students often dream about going away to a great spring break hot spot but wonder, how can I afford it? We will tell you how!

The Basics:
* Consider a road trip within the US to South Padre Island, Texas Panama City Beach, Florida or if you like to ski, Breckenridge Colorado. Skipping the flight saves you $300 to $500 alone and cars these days are reliable. Road trips with condos, meals, & parties are under $500 per person total price.
*Book as soon as possible. Spring Break Travel Agencies like or have deals where you put $150 down per person (which comes off the price of the trip) and you can make monthly payments on the balance for 5 or 6 months making the trips affordable. Getting a last minute spring break trip deal is not realistic, and only fools think that will work. As hotels & airlines fill up, they raise rates!
*Book as a group if possible. The more people you have, the more people you have splitting up the cost of the condo, the lower the cost. Talk to people spread the word.

The Good Girl Way:
1.) Your Part Time Job
If you already have a part time job and are working, say 15 hours a week for $10 / hour (easy math, use a calculator here) bump your hours up just 4 per week. That’s $40/week extra, or $160 per month. If you book your spring break trip in September, consider this. Book a $500 trip to South Padre Spring Break, and you’d have a balance of $350 due, or $85/month.
This is great news! Your 4 hours a week extra will not only make the payment, you’ll stockpile $160-$85/month = $75/month x 4 months = $300 for spending money and it won’t effect any of your other spending!

2.) Christmas or Birthday present or money from these events
Ask for half of your spring break package to get covered as a Christmas present. Obviously, we all get to ask for something for Christmas asks for a trip!

3.) Sign up as a Campus Rep and promote the trips on your campus
If you get 14 people to sign up with a company like, for every 14 trips you sell, you earn a free trip. If you & your friends are going, someone has to plan the trip anyway. You volunteer, and the tour company will compensate you for that.

The Bad Girl Ways:
1.) Use your student loan money
you’re only in college once, and you have your whole life to worry about working and money or the bad economy.  Take out a tad extra on your student loan, or cancel a class if your parents pay for your school and take the money to pay for the trip. It’s less than $500 anyway.

2.) Tell your friend to sign you up & offer to pay later
They pay your $150 deposit, and when it comes time to pay them back, play dumb. Offer to pay the balance & still go, but that you can’t come up with the deposit right now but never do. Is this wrong? Yes. We said this was the bad girl way to go!

3.) Use your credit card
You can then spread the cost of the trip out over a full year. Sure, you’ll pay interest, but you’re already paying interest on gas, beer, etc. you put on it, a vacation for spring break is an experience that’ll last a lifetime.

While this list isn’t exhaustive, we hope it’s helpful to you. Please contact us toll free 800 821 2176 or email us if you need some advice.
Inertia Chad OUT!

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