Friday, November 29, 2013

$250 to $325 FULL Spring Break trips available South Padre Island!

Please call our office for our Inner Island Condos, Gulfview, or Galleon Bay specials. The $250-$325 per person prices are available for small groups of 4 people or more. If you have 2 or 3 people, call our office & ask for Chad. Tell him you are looking for the FRIENDLESS special as you have only 2 or 3 people.

Our great trips to South Padre include a condo stay for one week, 2 restaurant meals per day, and access to our kick ass onsite party program. Don’t be a dipstick and call our office asking if that includes airfare. NO it does not – airfare we can add for about $300-$550 per person depending on where you live.

Our Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma people are extra lucky – they can select a roundtrip luxury party bus for less than $200 additional per person. Call our office for details 800 821 2176 or email

We know you might not be able to swing $1000 for spring break, but look at Padre. Its further south than Miami. Thinking Florida? Well — don’t plan on tanning – temps there are in the 60s for much of March, while Padre is in the low 80s usually.

We guarantee you a full condo at Sunchase Beachfront, Saida, or the Peninsula. All units within 250 yards of the Coke Beach Stage & spring break units are 100% Inertia. Inertia's exclusive Red Carpet VIP Party Package includes not only a true separate entrance each night on the Red Carpet - you get the cover charged included as well as a side trip excursion.

This brings your trip as close to all inclusive as you can get - and puts you at the best clubs on the best night. Only Inertia includes our dine out restaurant meal plan with 2-5 choices off a special student menu while on your trip. This helps you budget & saves you money as the week goes on & your funds dwindle.

Let Inertia show you our guaranteed largest nightly parties, our included meals, and our exclusive condo & hotel properties for your spring break package. Whether you plan on driving down, hopping one of our luxury party bus motorcoaches, or including a flight.

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