Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Safety of Booking South Padre with Inertia Tours

If you have to sell the parentals on letting you do a spring break trip, talk to them about coming to South Padre Island, Texas. Its an easy sell. It is here in the United States. Below Ill list the how & why to this sales pitch, as at one point, I had to go through it myself with Hilde, my Mother.
It seems like everytime I turn on the news, it is about some fear factor we are all supposed to buy into – whether it be some war, some mudslide, or some other bad news. In my opinion, it all has been having
a rather negative on our consumer psyche. People are afraid to travel, buy, or do much of anything.
This climate of fear is stupid, and keeps the war machine rolling & the folks over at Halliburton in Houston very pleased. Let us move beyond this ridiculous attitude. I mean, what are we supposed to do, shop at Wal Mart, see bad movies, eat fast food, and drive straight home in case we are dealing with the Orange terror level? Its so strange to me that our government is actively educating us on the fact that other countries are dangerous, evil places. We all make fun of France (hell, Texas where Im from is bigger than France after all) but I think a trip there might be fun. Id sure as heck like to see it someday.
South Padre Island, Texas is safe for the following reasons….(Ill also drop in a few points about Inertia Tours)

1. It is in the United States – US laws apply. Texas is definately, if not more, as safe as any other State in the USA.

2. Hands down, there is not a safer destination for college students to go for spring break. Imagine if something happened to a student in Texas (George W Bush Country, folks) – this is not going to happen.

3. Inertia contracts the majority of its spring break units from folks in South Padre Island that are true community leaders. Our vendors, clubs, venues, condo owners, even the Mayor of South Padre Island have a direct, personal stake in your safety. Dan Quandt, the Convention & Visitors Bureau Chief in South Padre Island, Robert Pinkerton, the Mayor of South Padre Island, Dan Stanton, one of the Owners of Louies Backyard, or Bill Donahue, the General Manager of the Radisson can all attest to the integrity & safety of Inertia Tours trips. Don’t take our word for it, we can provide you or your parents their contact information – call or email us for the information.

4. You don’t have to get on a flight to come here to the Island. You can drive it. If you are scared of flying, get in your Chevy & drive here baby!

5. Nightclub security staff are off duty Police Officers. This means legit, straight safety, without the harrassment you might see in Florida on spring break. They are present, but not overwhelming.

6. Your money is secure with Inertia Tours. Our parent Company Mazatlan Express is in fact The Original Spring Break Tour Company, with over 20 continuous years experience in Spring Break. We were not acquired by someone overseas, nor have we changed our name 3 or 4 times. Most of the so-called tour operators have had 3 or 4 names, jumping management, and if you actually trace their length of operation, it is super short.

7. Use your Visa or Mastercard. Buy using your credit card, you can be assured that if there is problem with the trip, MC/Visa will back you up. Bear in mind, if you are doing some bogus credit dispute you will lose, but if for example, you don’t receive your trip at all, then you wouldnt lose any money at all. That should give some piece of mind.

8. Good security at Inertia condos. Our condos all have security that keeps bozos out of our resort complexes. They do it not only for safety, but also luxury resort guests do not want some crappy hotel / motel guest using our facilities.

9. Walk everywhere at night in a safe, small town. South Padre Island is not some big city, it is a small beach community that happens to host spring break once a year. Person to Person violence simply does not exist here on our Island.

At the end of the day, while you might want to go to Cancun or Acapulco for spring break, when you have to come up with $1000 for the trip, PLUS $500 (miminim in spending money) — and you can drive to South Padre Island, get a pimp condo on the beach with all the parties & meals for about $400, $50 each in gas money and $200 in spending, all of sudden the Padre spring break trip is 50% of the cost. I can tell you what…those international destinations are NOT 2xs as fun. Sometimes, you can’t afford the Ferrari, but the Corvette is every bit as fast. 

You will want to go SOMEWHERE warm in March as you have a week off – think about South Padre Island, and think about booking it with not only a Company that truly specializes in South Padre for Spring Break, but also one that provides the ultimate party experience there. Call us and see what trip we push first on – it will be South Padre Island, a destination that is everyone elses after thought. As the only Spring Break Tour Company based here in Texas, it makes alot of sense to us to book with a local Texan. While South Padre Island might not be YOUR personal first choice, seems like some 75,000 college students that come here every year choose it for all kinds of reasons – safety, low price, lots of people, great beach weather, packed parties. (no party in Cancun will have 3000 people, but Inertia will host several with at least that many in a single night. That’s alot of hot, wild people to hang with!!!)
Inertia Chad…OUT
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