Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Drinking in South Padre Island as a minor – read this advisement

If you plan on coming to South Padre Island, and want to partake but are under 21 years of age — we have a few pointers for you so you don’t end up in the clink, or with a huge ticket.

* Don’t drink on the beach, no matter how good or real your fake ID is. The Police will scan your ID and bust you. Now you also have a separate charge to deal with for lying.

* Don’t get cocky after you're wasted and start ordering up rounds at the bar just because you got in with your fake. They can re-card you at any time in a South Padre Island club, stay low key moron.

* Don’t get a noise complaint on your condo. This is one of the best ways to get busted, much like a house party, security will call the cops, and when they come, they are definitely checking IDs for legal age.

* Don’t have random people buy you your moonshine. They might be an undercover.
Did we mention…don’t drink on the beach if you're a minor? You WILL get busted….

Inertia Party Boy…OUT!

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