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The lowdown on Spring Break VIP Party Packages for South Padre & Cancun Part I.

We get alot of questions about spring break party packages and questions of if they are "worth it" or not. I can tell you now that the packages have been greatly enhanced as you're about to read from even 5 years ago.

South Padre Island, Texas

I am starting here as only Inertia Tours offers a party package on South Padre Island for spring break.
We call it the Red Carpet VIP Party Package - and yes, we really do have Red Carpet VIP Entrance each night.

In a nutshell, this package includes a different nightclub or bar each night inertia directs everyone to go to, generally a high end DJ or theme, and until 11 pm, guests get true separate entrance with their ticket. After 11 pm, ticket holders still get in free they just have to wait in the pay long, which can be quite a wait. Hence arriving before 11 key.

Clubs included are Louies Backyard, Isla Grand Pool Party, Clayton's & more.

Video of MTV's DJ Skribble

You also get a choice of 2 side trip activities you pick when you arrive of 6. Things like the booze cruise, the infamous thursday beach bash at Peninsula, thriller jet boat ride, surfing lesson, dolphin watch tour or bay fishing trip.

spring break booze cruise
Inertia Tours  Party Yacht Cruise South Padre Island

The Good on the South Padre VIP Party Package
  • Parties are guaranteed to be largest any night. (understand not much of a guarantee as Inertia Spring Break brings down to South Padre 12xs more students than EVERY OTHER travel entity combined --- so it's not much of a "guarantee" but nonetheless it exists).
  • Mega clubs & parties. Louies & Clayton's hold 5000 people These are not small parties like Puerto Vallarta has or even say Sharkeys in Panama City. 5000 deep is CONCERT large. 
  • DJ sets are solid to world class. DJ Skribble, MTV Spring Break's DJ Legacy, DJ Dirty formerly from Maxim Magazine, DJ Silver (Jason Aldeen's DJ) + more. 
  • Wild wet tee shirt contest on Saturday night party...only place you will find these. Other destinations have gotten so "high end" with their "DJs" they have gotten too high end for some good clean FUN 
  • The side trips are included. Partying/drinking your face off is fine...but look, it does/will get old. Being able to have something to do included increases your chances of meeting an attractive fellow partier in a fun setting. It also means you have some pictures of value to bring home to the parentals that paid for this trip. Drinking is great, but it's not everything. Other destinations now maybe have ONE side trip included, and even that is the booze cruise - all focused on booze. Sorta gets old!
  • No stupid dress codes. The idea you have to wear long slacks and dress shoes as a guy to go out at night at a beach bar is absolutely absurd. When did we all get so NYC with things? Other destinations are too stuffy. South Padre is laid back. 
  • Clubs/bars are 18+ to enter so you don't have to leave your minor friends home

spring break bikini contest, inertia tours
Spring Break Best Bikini Contest by Inertia Tours

 The Bad on the South Padre VIP Party Package

  • Texas (like Florida) has a 21+ drinking age. Don't blame you Senator.
  • Parties at night are NOT open bar, all you can drink like Mexico. Means you will spend some money on drinks despite having this package. There is a big upside...drinks are watered down]
  • Clubs/bars are pretty much 50% outside. Inclement weather can creep up. Not common but possible.
  • Transportation not included to clubs at night. Cabs are $4/person to go anywhere but it's still money

This list isn't super long --- reason being Inertia parties are what's up on South Padre Island

 Cancun, Mexico

Next up is Cancun, the #1 international spring break destination in the world. Cancun's "VIP Party Packages" vary alot.

The Cheapskate Package:

There are the $30/night variety, that just get you into "some club" on usually an off night with watered down "open bar" from 10 pm to 2 am. You have to wait in line with your ticket, then once you get in, wait in lines for the "free" drinks which usually are really limited and of the worst kind of liquor quality.  Look, if you are at a quality all inclusive hotel, this isn't a bad deal with covers at night $50 alone. You can drink at hotel before you go.

The "Mr. DJ Raver"

Then, you have the $45/night variety, that do the above, but the slap on some sort of "music" or DJ element with a name. We won't name them or people will email us bitching, but generally it is ONE DJ you have heard of, and 6 others you haven't. The utilize creative photography to make it look like you'll see TIESTO every single night. You can add a private table with bottle service, each bottle is about $175/bottle. Ouch. These "DJ" intense parties usually are 100 guys to every girl. Bad for that...

Traveo's Package
Finally, you have what Inertia Tours offers exclusively, the TRAVEO Red Carpet VIP Party Package.
What sets this apart? Tons. For one, transportation from two different main spring break hotels is included with TRAVEO staff....Grand Oasis Cancun & Gran Caribe Real. Here is the other piece of TRAVEO, you are dealing with an Ownership group that is from Mexico...these guys speak fluent English and are dealing with local club guys...obviously their service is like 99 times better than any US spring break company can provide.

At night, if you are on Inertia's Red Carpet Party Package, you get a reserved table. Not just a reserved table, but in THE BEST sections of the club. How do I know this? I was in Cancun last year at Dady O's (now Pink Kitty) and was like..who the F are these guys running this place!! (running I mean their people were actually being treated as VIPs) ..."oh, TRAVEO yeah they are the shit!" I'm like hold on...Inertia Tours people need to be "the shit" too. So, I got an introduction to Nacho & Oscar at TRAVEO
TRAVEO runs Cancun VIPs at night. Not a maybe. 

...the rest is history. Deal struck. Ok getting back to the TRAVEO package...not only do you get a reserved table with private server EVERY SINGLE is what seems like I'm a get UNLIMITED sealed bottles (yes, vodka, tequila, rum, not crap liquor either) and all mixers from 10 pm to 2 am. is this possible? According to TRAVEO - easy. People at some point simply have had enough to drink. Are you going to pop bottles and walk around the club filling up people with absolut? No. That is monitored. Who cares? It's not your job to keep other people happy. You and your friends WILL BE HAPPY.

Further, TRAVEO has a minimum of 4 staffers in the club at all times, AND 4 security outside the club checking for our VIPs making sure everyone is safe. There are departures back to the hotels every hour on the hour, but if someone is sick/needs to go in between, they have 2 wrapped suburbans to take you. Same sex staff people escort girls on our trips back as well as that's common sense.

Also, the party will not end at 2 am. All of our students on the Red Carpet Package in Cancun also get NO COVER to the after party Mandala Beach Club from 3 to 6 am. Yes, we also have staff there with TRAVEO.

With TRAVEO, you also get open bar, free drinks daily at the jagermeister/TRAVEO beach stage in front of the Gran Caribe Real hotel from 1 pm to 6 pm. Below is a video of this stage:

Sure if you are on all inclusive at your hotel, getting free drinks at the beach/dj stage might not seem like a big deal but hey...trudging up the hotel up 4 flights of stairs tipsy is no fun either. It really does add value.

So, I dogged on the other two packages (the cheapskate and the "Mr. DJ Raver" package) and pointed out clearly that TRAVEO is superior. That's great..but it's also the most expensive...well, it's more expensive at the beginning, but by the end of your trip, not only will you have had a less stressful, better experience with TRAVEO, we can pretty much guarantee you you will have spent less money, had more fun, and been safer.

Yes, TRAVEO also includes a party cruise, it's on a 100' PLUS triple decker catamarran, all you can eat and drink but way better..during the day for 3 hours..has a MASSIVE loopy loop waterslide off the back, lifeguard on board...stays in hotel zone...not the mosquito infested trip to Isla Mujeres at night to eat nasty inedible buffet food and waterdown terrible drinks...yeah the cheapskate and raver packages have that...another reason we DO NOT offer them....

Look - TRAVEO's VIP is roughly $50 to $55/night. As you can see...barely more. You Cancun Spring Break veterans clearly see difference between tipping for terrible drinks on the cheapskate or raver package

and getting into this IMMEDIATELY with a reserved table at the City:

Frustrated chumps get the raver or do rookies to Cancun spring break ....thinking "who cares about VIP tables!" well, when you have to wait 30 mins to use the rest room, 20 mins to get a drink, your entire night is blown wandering around. Over 5 to 7 nights that's BIG TIME annoying.

Buying $175 bottles...heck if it's you plus 3 need 3 to 4 bottles in Cancun...say it's just 2 bottles...that's $80/person EVERY NIGHT plus you gottaaaaa tip....means $100/person a night...means the raver and cheapskate has a REAL COST for guys wanting to go all out for a week of  $715 plus cab fare....ouch!! Why people say Cancun is so expensive. It is if you try to cut corners!

Don't take my word for it...ask someone that has DONE cancun spring break. Girls might read this and say..hey we don't need a table guys will feed us drinks. Great. Hang out with douche bags all night playing grab ass for a vodka tonic, that sounds like alot of fun. Have your own table and bottle and pick and choose WHAT guys YOU want to talk to. Security will scoot the losers along if they are bothering you too.

The Good on the Cancun VIP Party Package

  • All inclusive of drinks
  • World class nightclubs and venues
  • Unlimited bottles in bottle service with private tables from 10 pm to 2 am.
  • TRUE vip entrance, not this wait in a line with your ticket like the other guys have!
  • Transportation to/from the clubs
  • Staffing at clubs by people that are bilingual. 
  • Private TRAVEO security
  • After party free at Mandala Beach Club every night
  • Quality party yacht cruise best to meet & mingle
  • TRAVEO/Jagermeister beach / dj stage with open bar from 1 pm to 6 pm daily
 The Bad on the Cancun VIP Party Package

  •  $275 for 5 nights and $349 for 7 nights...while a great value, that's still a lot of money to a college student

We can't think of other drawbacks to this package. There are none.

For more information on booking South Padre Spring Break or Cancun Spring Break, contact call us 800 821 2176. Heck, ask for me, Chad Hart

Me & CT from the Real World

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