Thursday, July 31, 2014

Top 10 Pictures of Spring Break 2014

I previously made a blog about the top 5 videos of Spring Break 2014, but I didn't want to leave out the great pictures! Inertia Tours Spring Breaks are off the hook, and they have tons of pictures to prove it. From huge parties to beautiful excursions, Inertia Tours gets you the perfect Spring Break experience. I went through and picked the most popular pictures from Inertia Tours' different social media accounts. Now you can see what it looks like to be on a real Spring Break.

1. Most Popular Tumblr Picture

This is the most popular picture on the tumblr account for Inertia Tours. It's a picture of South Padre Island, Texas where tens of thousands of college students party. The Island is the southernmost US Spring Break Destination. With accommodations in South Padre Island ranging from low-cost party condos to luxurious condos on the beach, Padre is the perfect choice for groups that all wanna stay together.

2. Most Liked Instagram Picture

This is the most liked Instagram Picture. Just shows how Inertia Tours likes to roll in style!

3. Instagram Pic With the Most Comments

This pic is the one with the most comments on the Inertia Tours Instagram. Showing a little bit of what it's like partying on the beach with us.

4. Most Popular Google+ Picture

Easy to see why this is our most popular Google+ photo. The beaches in South Padre and Cancun are BEAUTIFUL. Plus, Inertia Tours has been around for years, so they have all the connections with the best places to stay. When you book a spring break with them, you'll be staying in the nicest hotels or condos there are.

5. Most Popular Flickr Photo

The most popular Flickr Photo is one of the night clubs you get to party at with Inertia Tours. This was taken in November, so there isn't the crowd of people there that come during spring break. You can see how this would be a sick place to party come spring break time though!

6. Most Re-Pinned Photo on Pinterest

The most popular photo on Pinterest. South Padre Island has the best water in the U.S. gulf area. There's lots of activities you can participate in besides the many parties (although they are awesome). You can go snorkeling, as shown above. South Padre is also one of the best places to learn how to surf. These are just a couple of the many activities that Inertia Tours can hook you up with.

7. Hang Out With MTV Celebrities

Inertia Tours has the biggest spring break parties out there, guaranteed. Since they are so big, they have MTV celebrities and world renowned DJ's mc the parties frequently. If you're going to have a party, you might as well make it the best of the best!

8. Wet T-Shirt and Bikini Contests

Lots of entertainment available when you party with Inertia Tours. Wet T-shirt contests and bikini contests happen all the time. Mix in some good drinks, music, dancing, and hundreds of people, and you're starting to have a good idea of what a spring break with Inertia Tours is like.

9. Ultimate Beach Condos

Going to South Padre Island with Inertia Tours is really popular because it is the warmest in the U.S. and it has great beaches. Also, the price is very affordable (you can get trips for under $500). What's great is you get to stay in awesome beach condos that are within walking distance of our beach parties and other events.

10. Beach Parties and Night Clubs

For the last picture(s) I had to include some shots of the parties. This is the real reason people come to South Padre for spring break! Inertia Tours knows this, so they throw the biggest parties. If you go to South Padre with a different company (which is a dumb idea in the first place) then you'll be standing in line to go to one of Inertia Tours' events. 

Don't let your college experience go by without having any fun. You don't get to go to parties like these for very long. Make the most of it and get the best spring break experience possible with Inertia Tours.

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