Friday, September 26, 2014

Things To Do On South Padre Spring Break

There are tons of different things to do at South Padre Island during Spring Break! If you want a Spring Break vacation that is loaded with activities, this is the place for you. Lots of college spring break activities can be kind of boring for college students. I mean, hey, not everyone is into sitting around and fishing or cruising around to look at dolphins. That's okay, because South Padre Island has activities for everyone.

Inland Activities

Clubbing is big in South Padre. Lots of parties and clubs to check out. South Padre Island is also home to some fantastic restaurants. Since it is the biggest college Spring Break hotspot in the U.S. there are always thousands of people to make sure your nightlife and beach/pool parties are always entertaining.

At the Beach

There are also tons of side trips and activities to do at the beach! You don't have to just go to beach parties all day (although they are quite fun!). There is surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, dolphin tours, fishing, skydiving (yes it is on the beach), and party yacht cruises- just to name a few. 

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