Thursday, January 16, 2014

Spring Break Special To South Padre Island

                          Spring Break Special To South Padre Island

South Padre Island Texas -- Students at colleges and universities across the United States are gearing up for their spring break vacations at a pace never seen before. The place to be? Seems that domestic destinations like South Padre Island in Texas and Panama City Beach in Florida are the new hotspots over Cancun & the Caribbean.  

According to Chad Hart President of the Inertia Tours Spring Break Travel Group, domestic spring break destinations you can drive to are the most popular this year. “Students seem to be really demanding flexible travel dates, and particularly 4 to 5 night trips” said Hart. “Cancun & places like Dominican Republic, while there are bookings off the east coast, are relatively down due to high airfare prices. You can’t drive to Cancun, you can drive to South Padre Island in Texas” he went on to say “overall travel numbers for Spring Break 2014 vs. Spring Break 2013 are up for us 6.7%.”

Inertia Tours expects the first wave of students on spring break to start flowing in as early as the 2nd week in February with Canada’s Reading Week, through April 26th for high school spring break, the week after Easter. Hart went on to say that they have had record booking volume for the last 2 weeks in December, something they were caught off guard by in terms of staffing. Why? “Easy. It’s been a bitter cold winter for most of the country. With the recent Polar Vortex hitting upwards of 75% of the country, it makes students yearn for a warm beach for spring break” said Hart.

The busiest weeks are typically March 8 to the 30th for Spring Break 2014, when more than roughly 1 million college students will be on spring break across the country.
Places like South Padre Island and Panama City Beach Spring Break are seen on numerous networks like The Travel Channel, E! Entertainment, & MTV on an annual basis, and it’s easy to see why – TV crews can drive there to do a remote broadcast with little cost. This media exposure has resulted in USA Spring Break destinations rocketing past places like Cancun Spring Break. Another reason Hart gave for destinations like South Padre Spring Break being so popular is the price of gas hovering just over the $3/gallon mark in many States, increasing the affordability for the limited college student budget.

“Remember, you can put 6 or 7 kids in their Dad’s Tahoe and drive from Missouri to South Padre for about $70/head if they split gas. Put that up against upwards of $500 to $700 per student just for a flight with no hotel to Cancun and look – there is simply no comparison to how much of a cheaper spring break deal you can get domestically’ said Hart. Destinations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta Mexico, cruises, Cabo San Lucas, the Bahamas, and college ski trips to Colorado top out what Hart called the top destinations, despite popular media sometimes suggesting places like Las Vegas are more popular.

www.Inertia has serviced spring break vacation packages for nearly 2 decades, specializing in college spring break. Inertia has been featured on the AP wire, The Travel Channel, MTV, as well as E! Entertainment plus various regional and national newscasts as the recognized leader in student travel deals. Chad Hart is a recognized Spring Break expert, with over 19 years specific industry experience.

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