Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Dear Fellow Beer Bonger,

I’d like to take this opportunity to WELCOME YOU to the Inertia community of spring break party people. As the President of Inertia Tours, I’d like to personally take the time to let you know that I’m not some 50 year old douche bag that is trying to book college students on a trip I’ll never take, just to make a dime.

No, we’re not the church…we do this to make money, but I have been doing this for over a decade for a very simple reason – the satisfaction I get
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While onsite during our programs of having students tell me “dude!!!!!!!! this is the FUC***!!! BEST time of my life! I love you all!!!
At Inertia, we’re dedicated to providing valuable spring break travel INFORMATION first, marketing you a vacation second. So many of these websites all look the same, bragging about this MTV or that celebrity or this “price best” stuff….but not giving really good advice, trying to be politically correct or something. Listen, people go on spring break to get tan, to get drunk, to get laid, to hang out one last time with their friends, and to get the hell out of the cold weather. I’m not selling church camp here. If this offends you, BITE ME.
We’re here to get the conversation going about the trip of a lifetime for you & your friends.
I’m here to assist you personally, or have one of our other destinations specific Reps discuss with you at length what you & your group’s goals are so that we might provide you with the perfect spring break vacation.
Often times, students will tell me “I read your advice on your website” prior to booking a trip for spring break, whether with my Company, or by trying to do it themselves.
Look, we want you to book with us…I’ll do whatever the hell it takes to do that for you. Let me be of service to you.
Chad Hart
Inertia Tours Inc.
Toll Free 800.821.2176 x 101