Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Things To Do On Puerto Vallarta Spring Break

Puerto Vallarta is becoming increasingly popular as a Spring Break destination. You may have heard about it, but maybe aren't too familiar with what there is to do there. This article should give you a good idea of how to have a good time in Puerto Vallarta.

Enjoy the Resort

Hey, you're in a beautiful city that has tons of great hotels and resorts! You might as well enjoy them. Many have nice private beaches and pools with daily activities. Or you could see if there is a spa to take advantage of. Vacations are for relaxing, right?

Explore the Nightlife

The Nightlife at Puerto Vallarta is where it's at! Puerto Vallarta is home to some very famous clubs, including this one with the foam dance floor. Enjoy some great clubs with fantastic DJ's. Take advantage of the incredible food too while you're there!

Shows & Entertainment

There are some amazing local shows to check out in Puerto Vallarta, like this one with the fire dancing. New cultures are very fun and different, so make sure you get a taste of the culture in Puerto Vallarta while you can.

Off-Road Fun

If you're into outdoor adventure fun, there's lots of activities to choose from! You can ride ATV's and explore trails.

You can also go on zip lines. The scenery of Puerto Vallarta is simply beautiful, and there is nothing like flying through the trees and being able to take it all in.

Another outdoor adventure option is horseback riding. It's always fun to ride horses on the beach or along trails inland. You'll have a trained guide, so it's fine if you're a beginner!

Fun In the Water

Puerto Vallarta has beautiful water and warm temperatures, so cool off with some activities in the water! You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, kayaking; the options are limitless!

 See the Wildlife

Take advantage of your location and see some wildlife! You can go whale watching (they get pretty close, as you can see). You can also play with dolphins, or see some of the wildlife inland.

Whatever you consider to be fun, you can be sure that Puerto Vallarta has it. Definitely one of the top picks for Spring Break destinations for you to have the most fun. Price a trip with Inertia Tours and see what kind of deals you can get on packages to Puerto Vallarta!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Things To Do On Cancun Spring Break

Most people know that Cancun is the #1 International Spring Break Destination, and it's pretty easy to see why. The temperature is perfect; it is mostly in the high 80's during Spring Break! The scenery is beautiful, you have white sandy beaches, and the clearest ocean water in the world!

You might be psyched to go to Cancun for Spring Break now. However, the question you might be asking yourself is what else is there to do besides chill at the beach all week? Well, we have your answers. We will take a look at some side trips and other activities you can take part in while you're in Cancun.

Clubbing and the Night Life

Especially when you go with Inertia Tours, Cancun is a hotspot for HUGE parties, and the clubbing scene is fantastic. Cancun is home to some world class DJ's. With bumpin' music and great food, you'll be set when you're looking for some fun at night.

Activities in the Water

Like I said before, Cancun has the clearest ocean water in the world! This makes it one of the best places to go snorkeling and scuba diving. Jet Skiing on the ocean is also a favorite activity.

In the Air

If you're the adventurous type, or just like a good view, parasailing would be a good choice for you. You get to be pulled by a boat, so you get to have fun on the water, plus you get a great view of the city!


Xplor is like a mega fun center that is pretty close to Cancun. It has tons of fun things to do like zip-lines, amphibious vehicles, underground rafts, and stalactite rivers.

There are also many ancient ruins in the surrounding area of Cancun that are a lot of fun to go see! Chichen Itza is one of the seven man made wonders of the world, and isn't far. Definitely worth considering to check out! For tours and other info, contact us at Inertia Tours.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Things To Do On South Padre Spring Break

There are tons of different things to do at South Padre Island during Spring Break! If you want a Spring Break vacation that is loaded with activities, this is the place for you. Lots of college spring break activities can be kind of boring for college students. I mean, hey, not everyone is into sitting around and fishing or cruising around to look at dolphins. That's okay, because South Padre Island has activities for everyone.

Inland Activities

Clubbing is big in South Padre. Lots of parties and clubs to check out. South Padre Island is also home to some fantastic restaurants. Since it is the biggest college Spring Break hotspot in the U.S. there are always thousands of people to make sure your nightlife and beach/pool parties are always entertaining.

At the Beach

There are also tons of side trips and activities to do at the beach! You don't have to just go to beach parties all day (although they are quite fun!). There is surfing, jet skiing, parasailing, dolphin tours, fishing, skydiving (yes it is on the beach), and party yacht cruises- just to name a few. 

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Inertia Tours website and see what kind of deals you can get for you and your friends to have an unforgettable Spring Break 2015!

Top 10 Family Spring Break Destinations and Why

When you are deciding to take your family on a nice Spring Break vacation, figuring out where to go can be the hardest part of the whole process. Every Spring Break destination has its ups and downs, so the purpose of this post is to give you a good idea of what your options are. We've come up with a list of the top 10 destinations to take your family for Spring Break.

#1 Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is the all-around #1 Spring Break destination in the world. Resorts are top notch, everything is very tourist friendly, the weather is unbelievable, and on top of it all you get crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. There are countless side trips and activities for you to choose from, and the night life is very active once you put your kids to bed. Also, all-inclusive options make budgeting much easier.
When you book a trip to Cancun through Inertia Tours we have scheduled flights, on-site staff from the U.S. to help you out, and more. Find more info at https://www.inertiatours.com/springbreak-cancun/

#2 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Coming in at #2 is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Though not as popular as Cancun, Puerto Vallarta is becoming one of the bigger international destinations for Spring Break. This may be an advantage though, as it will be slightly less crowded than Cancun. It may not have quite as many side trips or activities as Cancun, but there is still plenty to do here. Also, the weather is still fantastic, and the beaches are still beautiful. Also, many consider Puerto Vallarta beaches the safest in Mexico.
The resorts are nice and laid back, with quality service that you just can't find anywhere else. Also, if you book through Inertia Tours, we have our onsite manager Andy who lives in Puerta Vallarta year round so that he is always available to help you out, no matter when you book your trip.

#3 South Padre Island, Texas

South Padre Island comes in at #3 for a few reasons. For one, it is the warmest Spring Break destination in the U.S. with temperatures often in the 80's in March. It's also a bit more affordable as it is in the United States. There are nice resorts you can stay at with private beaches. Endless activities and side trips are available like dolphin tours, deep sea fishing, and even sky diving on the beach. Also, South Padre is the Sand Castle capital of the world! While this is a big destination for college students, it is also a great place to take your family.

#4 Panama City, Florida

Panama City is also a very popular destination. It is located in the Northern part of Florida, in the panhandle. You can choose from a variety of hotels, resorts, or condos to stay at. What really sets Panama City apart from other Florida destinations are the beaches. The incredibly white "sugar sand" makes you want to spend your whole trip just relaxing at the beach.

#5 Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan is definitely not as well known as Puerto Vallarta and Cancun. It is still a great place for a family Spring Break vacation, though. The atmosphere is fun, the beaches are great, the food is fantastic, and the weather is typical of Mexico at this time (which is usually perfect since it isn't rainy season during Spring Break). It is a very historical city, which can be fun to learn about with your family.

 #6 Leon, Nicaragua

Nicaragua is quickly become one of the most popular alternative Spring Break destinations. Located right above Costa Rica, the tropical weather is perfect. Once you actually get to Nicaragua you will notice the prices for everything are MUCH lower than in the U.S. and there are unique side trips and activities you can do (like visiting volcanoes). The beaches are less crowded and seem untouched. If you are into surfing or want to learn to surf, Nicaragua is a great place to do it.

#7 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is often overlooked as a Spring Break destination, but it shouldn't be! It offers a little bit of Caribbean experience that you can get on (kind of) U.S. soil. The pretty beaches make swimming and windsurfing popular.

#8 Bahamas Cruise

While we wouldn't normally recommend a cruise for Spring Break, you can book a Bahamas Cruise through Inertia Tours. This cruise is a little different because you spend 2 nights on the cruise ship (there and back) and 2 nights at a hotel. This way you can get the full Bahamas experience instead of a quick pit stop. 

#9 Miami, Florida

Even though Miami is not as far South as South Padre Island (making it a little bit colder), it is still a nice Spring Break destination. You can feel safe as you are still in the United States, and you can enjoy the great food! Beaches there are pretty nice, and there are endless choices when it comes to resorts and places to stay.

#10 Breckenridge, Colorado

This might seem like a weird destination for Spring Break, but sometimes it is nice to skip the beach when you go on a family Spring Break trip. There is still snow for skiing and snowboarding, but it is much less crowded this time of year! The resort is fantastic. You can get living rooms, full kitchens, fireplaces, plus multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. The condos are even within walking distance of the ski lifts. The mountains are beautiful, so don't miss out on the scenery!
Hopefully this helps narrow down your options for Spring Break 2015 destinations! You can find some incredibly inexpensive deals with great value by checking out the Inertia Tours website. Inertia Tours has so much experience with Spring Break vacations, so they can hook you up with the greatest local attractions. Get a jump on the early bird deals and start planning your family Spring Break vacation today!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Why We Never Recommend Spring Break Cruises

You might be considering a spring break cruise this coming spring break.... 

Don't get me wrong, cruises can be a blast, but there are plenty of reasons why you should plan a spring break trip with Inertia Tours to somewhere like South Padre Island or Cancun instead of opting for a cruise. We'll go over a few of them in this post.

Spring Break Cruise Negatives

First let's go over some of the negatives for a spring break cruise.

One reason you shouldn't do a cruise for spring break is because they will be crowded! Yes, other vacation destinations will be busy as well, but at least you wouldn't be confined to a small boat! Might be best to stay away from spring break cruises if you're claustrophobic at all. The close quarters also make it easier for food poisoning and illness to become a problem. If one person is sick, it spreads pretty easy on cruise ships.

The restrictions can also get in the way of a good spring break cruise with your friends especially if you're not 21 yet. Many cruise lines require you to be at least 21 to travel without a chaperone, and who wants to go on a college spring break trip with their parents?

Lastly, cruise ships can be nice and relaxing....if the weather permits. If you run into any bad weather, you better watch out. The rocking back and forth gets old pretty fast, especially if you are prone to sea sickness. There's also the furniture and heavy objects sliding across the floor that you have to dodge. Then there's the maintenance issues you have to worry about. No one wants to be stuck out at see without air conditioning or refrigerated food.

Spring Break Trip Positives

Now let's look at some positives for booking a spring break trip with Inertia Tours. 

There are so many things you get to experience by going to one of our Spring Break destinations that you would miss out on if you did a cruise. One of the biggest things you would miss are all of our HUGE parties we throw! We have thousands of people at our pool and beach parties. We also have the best hookups for local clubs at any of our destinations.

It's also nice to be able to stay at a condo that isn't rocking back and forth all the time. Lots of the places you can stay at will have full kitchens too, but don't worry, we have meal plans so you don't have to cook all the time. Getting a taste of the local grub is better than having the same thing every day on a cruise ship.

Being stuck on a cruise also makes you miss out on some amazing side trips! Yes they have excursions, but you usually don't have time to do everything you want to. With Inertia Tours, you have the option to do lots of different activities or side trips. For example South Padre Island has deep sea fishing, skydiving, learning how to surf, dolphin cruise, and lots more!

In the end, it's a no brainer. If you want a nice place to chill with your friends and party with big groups, then book your spring break trip with Inertia Tours. We have been doing this college spring breaks for a long time, and make sure to have the best parties with the best DJ's and celebrities to keep things going. Your price will be lower too, so that's a plus. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Why Spring Break Ski Trips RULE to Colorado

Inertia Tours is the biggest provider of beach AND ski spring break trips for college students in the USA. When you think of spring break, you usually think of places like Cancun with nice beaches, clubbing all night, and crashing in a beachfront condo or hotel. But for some people, this kind of spring break just ins't their thing.

And that's okay.

We get it. It's still March. It can be cold at most U.S. beaches (but not in South Padre, home base of Inertia Tours). Skiing is just as much of a spring break activity as going to the beach parties. That's why Inertia Tours not only books spring break trips to popular beach destinations, but we also have ski trips to Colorado!

Where You Stay

Inertia Tours gives you the most complete Spring Break and Winter Break ski trip packages. Breckenridge Ski Resort is our best deal. You can get a full sized condo within Breckenridge. You can literally walk to the lifts from your condo! You also get a full kitchen, living room, fireplace, bedrooms & bathrooms- pretty much the works. If you hate Breckenridge (for some reason) you can check out our other Spring Break Ski Destinations at https://www.inertiatours.com/springbreak-destinations/

What You Do

Ski/Snowboard, obviously! Packages include 4 days worth of lift tickets, so you can hit the slopes and get your fill of skiing or snowboarding. We suggest optional ski or board rentals if you don't have your own. We also suggest nightly party itinerary so you won't be bored when you're done with the mountain. 

What You Pay

This is the best part. Inertia Tours hooks you up with screaming deals for Winter Break Ski or Spring Break Ski Packages! You can get a 5 night 6 day trip WITH 4 days of lift tickets INCLUDED for $450-$550 per person!

Come check out our deals for Winter Break and Spring Break Ski Packages at https://www.inertiatours.com/