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How to Afford Spring Break in South Padre

                                    How to Afford Spring Break in South Padre

This feature is going to offer up some suggestions about how as a “sometimes” broke college student you can budget & pay for one of our awesome spring break trips — we understand it might be on your mind as you browse our site — “hey, these trips looks great, but I mean…I can’t afford it!!”

I’m going to list what we’ll discuss — remember, this list is not exhaustive, and you might add your own creative thoughts to make a trip work for you….one important point to remember is, you only live once — saying you’ll “stay home” for spring break is really missing out on part of your right as a college student to have a good time.

Once you are out of school, married with kids, and have an office space job, you won’t be able to take a “wild” party trip like this. You have your whole life to save money, be serious, etc. Live a little!

*Do a monthly budget with all your expected “income” and your expected expenses
*Plan on asking for the trip for a Christmas or Birthday Gift
*Book Early & make payments as you go
*Select a trip in a price that makes sense for your budget
*Student Loan money
*Obtain new employment during the semester

Monthly Budgeting

For all of you finance or accounting majors, this will seem like Mr. Simpleton to you…but for our liberal arts majors, this is a very simple way to calculate what you can afford & have for spending money.

The make a budget, grab a piece of paper, a pen, and a calculator. Make a column to the left of your paper of all your expected income from now until March. Include your part time job, your student loan money, your family/parents/grandparents, and anything you might be selling off (like an old car, etc.).

Make a notation about the available credit you have on all your credit cards as well. (don’t include this as income, cuz it’s not!)
Next, in the column to the right of that column, list all of your expenses for this time period, including ANYTHING you pay for (not your parents, etc) as this is not outgoing money in that case:

-Books & supplies
-Insurance (health or car)
-Rent for housing
-Car Payment
-Cell Phone Payment
-Any utilities you have to pay
-Credit card payments you’d like to pay if you have a balance
-Food (groceries, eating at your place)
-Food (eating out money, we all do it)
-Beer / going out money for the weekends, etc
-Personal expenses like haircuts, tanning, manicures, whatever
-Gas for your car if you have one/bus fare if you don’t
-Misc. expenses like software, online porn (just kidding   hahaha! whatever else

For all of these..make sure you are using an approximate “range” — high end and low end — you never know EXACTLY what monthly bills will be after all.

Now add up each column. This will let you know what is coming in, and what is going out.
Don’t worry….don’t go cry in your room — the number that comes out will probably make
your financial situation seem worse than it is.

You’ll now see if your incoming is more than your outgoing. If your incoming is more, you have some discretionary income left. Either way, your next step is to highlight which expenses are “set in stone” ( for your place).

Use like a green highlighter for that. Then, use a pink highlighter to indicate which expenses you have some flexibility in reducing.

Take a separate sheet of paper, and look at all the pinks…indicate by each “pink” item how much you believe you can reduce it (for example, if you spend $50/month on tanning, maybe you won’t tan until your trip is paid off). Add up these amounts. This will give you an estimate of what you will have for extra money WITHOUT resorting to financing / paying for your trip from an outside source.
If you aren’t good at estimating what you are spending, it’s simple. KEEP EVERY RECEIPT FOR 10 STRAIGHT DAYS…we mean 100% of them. At the end of the 10 days, categorize your receipts as bills (simple accounting). Now you can accurately estimate your incoming/outgoing amounts.
This is a good number to know, whether you actually take a trip or not. You might discover that you are spending an awful lot on fast food, the bars, or even might have a bill you don’t need (a car payment on a car you don’t drive, for example).

*Plan on asking for the trip for a Christmas or Birthday Gift

Another great way to book & pay for one of our spring break vacations is to ask for it as a gift, or even a portion of it. If your budgeted number shows that you have $200 you can spend on the trip yourself, but you see an Inertia Spring Break trip to South Padre Island is $450 with the meals, party package, nice condo, etc., you could ask that your parents (brother, uncle, grandma) pay for $100, $200, or the balance of the trip as your Christmas present. I used this a ton when I was in school, as my parents would rather I travel than they just buying me like a computer or a snowboard — traveling is part of a rounded education, after all. (funny sell to your parents when they say that spring break is all about drinking….educate yourself…travel is travel, and what you make of it after all).

This is a great way to get some help on your trip, particularly if you can demonstrate that you have saved up a portion of the money yourself — most family do not mind helping out some, if you are making a good effort on your own, right?
*Book Early & make payments as you go

I hate doing a “salesy” pitch in a blog posting…but Inertia does have a great travel product that you should consider at least looking into…our EZ Autopay trips are mostly under $500, and still represent a fun spring break trip. These trips are also available under our Low Cash Trips section of our website. The jist of the program is this…you pay a low initial downpayment, and then your credit card is automatically drafted each month for the payment until you are paid off for the trip. It’s a great way to “budget” for a trip.

You can also hybrid this offer and have your parents sign up for it on your behalf (ie…their credit card is charged the payments each month, they will probably hardly notice such a small amount) and in this way, your trip is not only cheaply financed, they might be able to finance your christmas or birthday present, right?

All of our trips you can reserve just by making a low initial downpayment of as low as $69 down (with the autopay feature) or $100 without — this money comes off of your trip price. The balance is either auto drafted from your credit card account, OR the balance is due 60 days before the trip takes place. This is one of the real reasons to book with Inertia Tours vs. just “buying a trip” online based on price. Those trips usually you have to pay in full at the time of booking — that can be tough as a student.

*Select a trip in a price that makes sense for your budget

We understand that the all inclusive, “balls out awesome” trip at the Oasis Cancun looks incredible…but you don’t see how a $1300 trip is going to be affordable. Well, look at something else. We do this as consumers all the time — if we need a new car, we might want a Ferrari, but we buy a Chevrolet. It’s still a functional car, and quite useful. Same goes with vacations….Inertia offers super fun trips under $500. Yeah, where!?!?!?!?!!!

Well, you can go to South Padre Island, Texas on a road trip, you can go skiing in Colorado, or you can take a party bus trip to Mazatlan, Mexico. While these trips might not be as posh as a flight inclusive trip to an exotic Caribbean destination, they are still a complete blast! A $400 trip with $50 for gas, and $250 in spending money looks much more do-able than $1300 for just the trip, plus $500 in spending money once you get there.

You aren’t downgrading really, you are just “saving” that “all out” trip potentially. Plus, the less expensive of the trip planned, the more of your friends that can go. We have found what makes the trips is the people you go with, more so than the destination selection overall. Keep this important point in mind.

*Student Loan money

Right, pile up more loan debt to take a vacation? Well, look at it this way — you only live once. All of us make decisions that aren’t fool-proof financially. For example, most of your parents have purchased a new car, when they depreciate 35-65% the second you drive them off the lot. (loss = $10-$30,0000!!!!) vs. you taking $400 out for a vacation to keep your sanity.

If your parents squawk, remind them about their own personal spending habits. Are they drinking coffee from Starbucks at $5/cup and putting it on their Visa? Hummm…that’s not too smart, either. Life is about choices, and once you graduate, you’ll be working full time. If you have $20,000 in student loans, having $20,400 is hardly going to make or break you, right?
Student loan money can come at the most opportune moment to pay for a trip like this. It can at least be used as a consideration to finance our spring break packages.

*Obtain new employment during the semester
For a sense of balance, we follow up the “finance” option with the old school traditional way to get what you want – earn it.
If you aren’t working a part time job in college, how come? “Concentrating on your studies!” Yeah, right you are. A part time job not only will give you real world experience that will help you get your first “real” out of school job, sometimes these lead to full time offers of work after graduation. A side bonus is that you have your own money in your pocket besides your parents.

If you have the mindset of “we have money” (as in you thinking your parents money and shit is “yours”) — think again. I doubt they share this viewpoint with you. As an adult with a soon-to-be college education, you need to be able to stand on your own two feet and earn a living someday on your own. If you are thinking that a would-be interviewer that has worked their way through college is going to hire you when you have not, you are DEFINITELY mistaken! They will think you are lazy, and probably right.

Get a part time job doing SOMETHING. Whether it be as a student worker for the university , washing cars, waiting tables, working at The Gap….you’ll earn money you can spend on things like our spring break trips.


There are many ways to “afford” a spring break, and a million different combinations of what we have listed above to finance your wanted vacation.
The key is planning, and having the fortitude to come up with a plan & have the time of your life on an Inertia Tours Spring Break Trip!
Inertia Chad

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Dear Fellow Beer Bonger,

I’d like to take this opportunity to WELCOME YOU to the Inertia community of spring break party people. As the President of Inertia Tours, I’d like to personally take the time to let you know that I’m not some 50 year old douche bag that is trying to book college students on a trip I’ll never take, just to make a dime.

No, we’re not the church…we do this to make money, but I have been doing this for over a decade for a very simple reason – the satisfaction I get
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While onsite during our programs of having students tell me “dude!!!!!!!! this is the FUC***!!! BEST time of my life! I love you all!!!
At Inertia, we’re dedicated to providing valuable spring break travel INFORMATION first, marketing you a vacation second. So many of these websites all look the same, bragging about this MTV or that celebrity or this “price best” stuff….but not giving really good advice, trying to be politically correct or something. Listen, people go on spring break to get tan, to get drunk, to get laid, to hang out one last time with their friends, and to get the hell out of the cold weather. I’m not selling church camp here. If this offends you, BITE ME.
We’re here to get the conversation going about the trip of a lifetime for you & your friends.
I’m here to assist you personally, or have one of our other destinations specific Reps discuss with you at length what you & your group’s goals are so that we might provide you with the perfect spring break vacation.
Often times, students will tell me “I read your advice on your website” prior to booking a trip for spring break, whether with my Company, or by trying to do it themselves.
Look, we want you to book with us…I’ll do whatever the hell it takes to do that for you. Let me be of service to you.
Chad Hart
Inertia Tours Inc.
Toll Free 800.821.2176 x 101

south padre spring break booking tips

Today I'm going to provide South Padre Spring Break booking tips for college spring break 2014. Inertia Tours brings 12x 's more students to south padre than every other travel entity COMBINED.

1.) Book early.

Sound simple but this is especially important if you plan on including a flight. Booking in september or october vs december or janualry can save you an easy 100 USD per person on yoir flight

2.) When considering your accommodations for spring break south padre island at first ignore prices.

As a college student it is easy to get hung up finding a cheap price only to later find out your cheap deal is going to cost you more

Cases in point. You book something off the beach to save money. Great...but now you have to waste time waiting for the free tourist bus (called The Wave) or buying cabs all the time. book a hotel room instead of a confo because its cheaper to kitchen for cooking or storing your beer cold. That just cost you big time more

3.) Automatically demanding the trip accommodations alledgedly "everyone" is staying at.

We see this all the time on south padre island and spring break 2014 will prove no different.
A perfect example of this are demands for Saida Towers. Great...we have it. that same ultimate beach condos category we offer sunchase (condos closer to clubs) and peninsula (condos 2xs nicer). both complexes nicer and in similar locations but not dicussed. Thats stupid.

4.) The condo party douche.

Consistently there is and are groups of guys that never go out at night and get drunk with their fraternity every night in their condo.

Guys...girls want to go out. Usually to get a big fruity cocktail not to drink warm natty night and also...why drive some 12 to 20 hours to south padre texas just to drink with the same people you always do? Dont be the condo party douche.

5.) Bringing your boyfriend or girlfriend on your spring break trips.

Really? This is a drama filled situation. if your friend demands her boyfriend goes or vice versa get someone else to go. They either will get drunk and fight or shack up stealing the best bedroom because "they can spkit 1 bed." Itll be total bs either way. Its college...youbhave plenty of time to honeymoon later. Have a great time with your friends and leave them at home...or at the very least make them get their own group together and own acommodations or its gonna be a debbie downer

For more information on booking south padre spring break 2014 visit or call 800 821 2176 or email chad@inertiatours com.

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Looking for the lowest possible trip cost…why?

Here are a few recommendations if you are searching for the lowest possible trip cost.
1.) Be a responsible shopper / be realistic. If you are looking for some absurd price for airfare/hotel/parties, sooner or later, someone unscrupulous might actually offer it up – only for you to be disappointed or ripped off later on.
Trips with airfare/beachfront hotel: $850 is about your starting point per person – and you won’t be all that happy at that low of a price….$900 to $975, sure, you can find some stuff.
Trips with motor coach/party bus & hotel $425-$650 is a reasonable range per person depending on how nice you want your hotel included
Trips where you get a condo or hotel, meals, maybe the parties included in South Padre, Panama City, or you go skiing – (you get yourself there transportation not provided) $325-$550 per person depending on how nice you want your hotel
Use these ranges for 2014 winter break and spring break 2014 pricing as a guide, not as a rule.

2.) Use the points in number one to further set proper expectations. If you really only have $600, stop trying to find this mythical $600 trip with airfare. Look at party bus/hotel trips that actually might be really bad ass for that price range – you have an IPOD, lap top, your cell phone, etc. you can stay busy…it’s much better than getting the shaft on a piss hole hotel.
So, consider your options. Does someone’s dad have a big ass SUV you can talk into letting you borrow to road trip it skiing or to south padre? That might be a good option with everyone splitting gas costs.  What we are saying here is, if you only have $500, look for a $500 trip. You can’t walk into the Ferrari dealer asking for Chevy prices, after all.

3.) If you gotta have airfare or a bus included, consider looking at airports close to you that might not be your very first choice. If you are in New York, it’s reasonable that you can look at going out of BWI (Baltimore) or EWR (Newark). Same goes, this year, if you are upstate NY; consider taking the train to the City to save a BUNCH of dough. Indianapolis to Chicago isn’t that bad, Oklahoma City to Dallas is a couple of hours. These are just a few examples for you.

4.) Be prepared to pay in full for the trip at the time you book it. You can find travel agents willing to deal if you can pay in full when you book – otherwise you (and they) are talking in mythical terms about how in 3 months you want to book it – airfare could be sold out, OR simply fuel went up 19xs (for no reason I might add).

5.) For about the first time in nearly a decade, our Company is considering the fact that potentially 50% of students that would have booked a spring break trip might not be able to. This has nothing to do with fuel as much as the fact that scheduled airlines have cut routes down 10, 20, even 30% – no seats means business people are eating up leisure traveler seats at an astonishing rate, and they are not nearly as price sensitive as someone going to Cancun to get drunk, tan, & laid for a week’s vaca.  This boils down to the fact that many college students accustomed to booking in December (or even January) are going to not be able to afford the airfare inclusive trip. So, they will look at road tripping to South Padre or Florida. Now, even “condo only” prices are sky high late in the game.  Where the F am I going with this? Book early – or you might not find a trip, at ANY price. What does book early mean? If you have to have airfare included, try to get it done by Oct. 1. After that, it’s going to be a crap shoot on price. If you want a sweet deal on a road trip down (condo) package, book before Dec. 1. After that, tour operators like Inertia Tours will simply HAVE to charge more as there will only be so much space available.  One of the big problems in travel is many of the BIG travel agents like Orbitz, Expedia, Priceline, etc. have educated us as consumers that Last Minute Travel bookings will SAVE us money as hotels want to simply GIVE it away rather than have it empty. Well, turn that on its head once….if you owned a hotel, and were at 95% occupancy in late January with tour operators, would you GIVE away the remaining 5% of your rooms? Of course not, you’d also charge an arm & a leg – that’s how supply & demand works – so stay ahead of the curve on this.

6.) Consider bringing more people, or using maximum occupancy in each hotel or condo space. Putting 4 people in a hotel room vs. 2 obviously will save you cash per person.

7.) Avoid the shorter trip pitfall. Many students email is saying, but, we only want a 3 or 4 night trip because that will save us money, RIGHT? WRONG. yeah, it’ll save you 15-25% (max 25%) vs. going a full week, but when you consider no matter how you get to your destination, 2 full days of travel are required to get there and get settled in, a 3 night trip becomes a nightmare of frayed nerves and no relaxation. Try to get the most bang for your buck by going 5 to 7 nights.

8.) Concentrate on TOTAL PACKAGE VALUE and inclusions, versus AIR & HOTEL. This is not some business trip where “your hotel won’t mattter” – bullshit. You are on vacation and want a nice pool, want a pleasant hotel staff, want a nice beach in front. Otherwise, stay home, because one thing I can tell you is, there is nothing worse than staying in a shithole hotel when next door there is a 4 or 5 stars that for $15 or $20 more per person per day you COULD have stayed THERE!!! It’ll drive you bonkers.
This alludes me to the point of consider NOT going all inclusive – tour operators like Inertia Tours include basic food/meal packages that hook you up & keep costs down – something you won’t find online from the Expedias and Travelocities of the world (which are great sites for business travel).

9.) Override the one cheap bitch friend you have. We all have one in our travel group. Tell them to sit down and shut the F up. You will be spending your $1000 and they won’t be paying for your trip to hell, so unless they are, you have EVERY right to speak up and say, look, guys, to stay at Saida Towers vs. the padre hotel plain Jane is only $10/day per person more. I’m all FOR paying a bit more cash for something nice.
You will find elsewhere on our website how we say this: Wal-Mart has HANDS DOWN the lowest price on clothes. They in fact have a “low price guarantee.” Do you buy all of your clothes at Wal-Mart? Not unless you are straight trailer you’re not. We find it ABSURD that travel markets itself that THE LOWEST PRICE RULES. One trip cannot be compared to another generally speaking! An all-inclusive 5 star resort in Cancun vs. another 5 star resort in Cancun is NOT the same trip. Want an example? Old people. Need I say more? The “biggest” online travel agencies use OLD PEOPLE hotel with OLD BASTARDS that bitch if you fart too loud LOL. Our hotels are PARTY HARD properties – you can have fun at.
In conclusion – if you go for the “cheapest trip possible” and “want the nicest trip possible” the world is at odds against you here. Nice stuff costs money because the business people that provide nice shit know they can charge more. If you are in college, USE YOUR BRAIN folks!
Inertia Chad….OUT
Keepin’ it on the down low real

Ways to save on Spring Break Travel Plans

Top Ten ways to save

10. Stay in the USA this year for Spring Break
Sure, Cancun or Acapulco are the bomb, but there are also several US spring break destinations that
need to be on your to do list in college – including:
South Padre Island, Texas
Panama City Beach, Florida
Spring Break Ski to Colorado
The reason these destinations are far cheaper is that you don’t need a flight to get there. Is driving
an inconvenience for you? awww…..poor thing! Come on – you’re only young ONCE, and turning
one of these spring break trips into a road trip adventure of a lifetime is really a rite of passage for
college students. Get someone’s car or daddy’s SUV, split the gas up ($50 to $75/person for your
entire transportation cost instead of $500 for a round trip flight is an enormous savings to you.
You can book a spring break package to South Padre with a condo, 2 meals a day, parties at night
plus two side trips for $350 per person. You can also book Cancun with the same inclusions but a
crappy beachfront room for $1000 per person. You don’t need to be a mathematician to see why we are saying to stay in the US for spring break at least this year. The economy will improve, and you can STILL do Cancun next year.

9. Plan as far in advance as you can
Many students incorrectly think that they can get a “last minute spring break deal” to a popular destination.  This is not true. These destinations are highly sought after (hence, popular) and sell out quickly. Student Travel Companies raise prices as they sell out (as do hotels) since supply & demand takes over. If you think about this, it makes sense. If you had a hotel, and had 100 rooms open out of 200, you might have a super low rate. However, if you had just 10 rooms open out of 200 – you really wouldn’t care about selling them all that much – so you would charge an outrageous rate.
With that said, last minute trip planning CAN save you money if you have these 3 criteria going for you:
-You aren’t particular your exact dates of travel nor number of nights
-You are willing to drive a couple of hours to a different departure city airport
-You don’t care exactly where you are going (i.e…tell your travel agent “someplace warm” and you might end up in Phoenix or San Diego – not exactly spring break destinations but it is someplace warm.  Planning as far in advance means flights & hotels have more availability, meaning lower prices. Planning in advance with our student travel company means you also get lower monthly payments, and more time to pay off your trip making it more affordable at the same time as having a lower price – the BEST of both worlds!

8. Bring as many people as you can
Spring Break Travel Companies such as ours are much more aggressive on so-called “group” pricing. Most travel operators like big groups because although the margin is slimmed down, it’s volume which we like.  Planning a trip with 20 people is exponentially cheaper than planning a trip with 2 people. With Inertia Tours we offer a cool job we call “Head Repping” or “Reps” that allow the trip planner or organizer a complimentary trip for every 14 people they bring. On top of that, Inertia offers guarantees group pricing which we honor as one, set price if you get 6 or more people to travel. That helps our Reps since they aren’t selling a trip based on a certain number of people per room. Inertia shoulders that burden.

7. Go for the best overall value instead of simply the lowest trip price
At least with our Company Inertia Tours, you would be buying a complete spring break travel package, not just “airfare & hotel” (in fact we don’t even offer those sorts of trips since they lack any good value).  With a package, you want to make sure you have quality inclusions. If meals are included, where? What is on the menu? If you get a party package, what clubs are included? What side trips? These sorts of questions can flush out important differences between package a & package b.With value goes the number of nights. Many students believe that call us that 5 nights will save them a boat load of cash over going 7 nights – totally false! Most of the cost of our trips comes from the airfare portion, meaning that a roundtrip ticket that keeps you there 3 nights instead of 7 is the exact same price.  Hotels in Mexico & Jamaica are generally low cost – it’s the flight that kills you on price.

6. Consider the All-Inclusive option if you are going to Mexico or Jamaica
If you are traveling internationally to Mexico or Jamaica, seriously consider all inclusive at your hotel for the simple reason that these destinations gouge (charge a lot of money) onsite for meals & drinks when you pay as you go rather than having it all included. An all-inclusive option at the same hotel (meaning all of your drinks & meals are free of charge right at the hotel) costs $300 to $400 more per person for a weeklong trip rather than “just getting a room.” Thing is…that’s $50 a day my friend.  What’s this worth? Let’s break it down to show you how it can save you money. Remember, you have $350 you paid for the all-inclusive option “in the bank” so to speak and the retail value is what the hotel would charge you if you paid as you went.
Retail Value:
Huge Breakfast Buffet $15.00
Bottle of Water $3.00
Poolside Bar Tab for the day
(remember, you are by the pool
10 or so hours a day probably)
2 shots ($6.00)
4 Pina Coladas ($12.00)
1 Coke ($2.00)
3 Coronas ($9.00)
2 Misc. Drinks ($6.00) $35.00
Nachos $10.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich/Fries $ 7.95
Slice of Cake (you are FUBAR) $ 7.00
Dinner – you go to the order restaurant, have an appetizer,
cesar salad, entree, 2 glasses of wine, plus a drink to go $69.00
1 shot + 1 drink before you go out $ 8.00
1 bottle of water before bed $ 3.00
Total Value that day: $155.00
SAVINGS :(155-50) $95.00
$95 x 6 days (1 is burned traveling) = $570.00 TOTAL SAVINGS
Sure, you might look at this is say “I can’t put 50% of that away” but you’d be surprised – this is a vacation, not you on a pretend Vegan diet at home – and the booze – you are going to sea level so getting a buzz is harder (much, much harder) if you are from a place even at 1500 feet elevation like most of the USA.  Finally, look at those retail prices! Most hotels don’t charge $3 for a bottle of water, nor $4 for shots – can be double that at 5 star resorts.  With this said, we haven’t even brought up the intrinsic value of convenience – going to the bar and ordering a bucket of Coronas so you can slap them down between your two beach chairs on ice is…well…priceless when its already been paid for.  What we are saying is, all inclusive is a better value 100% of the time when traveling internationally on spring break – remember, this is PEAK travel season, there are not “deals” once you arrive – in fact, most bars & restaurant even break out new menus 25% to 50% higher in price than the “off season” – so you pay

5. Consider not staying on the beach
You can save money but not having that spectacular “view” from your beachfront patio – but that might not even matter to you. One of our most popular trips is South Padre Island, Texas for spring break.  In South Padre, it’s not so much you stay on the beach, as you have a big fat condo with room to pre-game & after bar in. You can save $100/person not staying at “the” place on the beach and going with a huge condo at Galleon Bay, for example.
Research off beach properties – but make sure you do a side by side comparison on location to nightlife - we do NOT recommend staying off the beaten path as it’ll suck you dry on taxis – just maybe off the beach.

4. Try these two FILTHY words out for size JOB + BUDGETING
Ok, dirty word number one, the part time job. If you don’t have one, get one. Think $9 per hour – there are a MILLION jobs out there for $9 an hour. With our $350 complete road trip to Padre in mind, that’s $350 for the condo, meals, & parties, and $50 in gas. That’s $400 you need in cash — since Uncle Sam takes 20%, we need to think about you making $480. Can you pull off working 53 hours? If you can – that’s your trip. Stop thinking you are “too good” for some retail work. Your granddaddy had much worse jobs than you have. Yours will be clean, it will be respectful, and you’ll probably learn something. It might parlay into a full time gig, too with a promotion. Companies “aren’t hiring” recent college grads because they don’t need to – they are hiring their part time help full time.
But Inertia Chad, I HAVE a job, and I have nothing left over!! I’m working 30+ hours per week and I even make $11 an hour! This won’t work! Really? For ONE WEEK write down EVERY SINGLE thing you spend money on. It’ll be so easy to scratch off stuff you don’t need (this is called a budget if you haven’t did it before) that you can not spend money on. STOP going out to the bars Wed-Sunday. Try one night, and get wasted before you go. This alone will save you $100/week. 4 weeks = spring break trip.

3. Don’t get sucked into gimmicks & scams to save money
This should go without saying, but as much as 10% of the population will accept anything you tell them as a fact without considering all the consequences. One popular scam right now is an alleged discount off your spring break trip price if you sign up for some credit card. The offer is laughable, at best. First of all, credit markets are tight. You aren’t getting approved – and when you don’t, that discount of 100 bucks or whatever disappears. There isn’t an offer of a refund if you don’t. $100 or $150 off of a $400 trip is unreasonable. You know it, and so do we. Be a smart shopper. Get trip price quotes & inclusions in writing, with all possible fees listed. Get a full time, corporate employee of that travel firm to guarantee this price via email (not a student rep no matter how good you know them that can change the facts later).  Other scams we see as travel agents are the “travel certificate” offers. Luckily, the Attorney Generals offices have shut almost all of these gimmicks down. The gimmick involves you getting “free” travel to some great place – for a small “processing fee” (which is anything but small, at the end, usually about $200/person) and then finding out you can use it in September Monday-Wednesday (Thanks!).
Another abused scam is “price matching” or “price busting” or whatever marketing name they give it. The hope here is to present you as a consumer with a full retail (higher) price, but, after shopping around, you find them uncompetitive, they will beat that competitor’s price. On the surface, this sounds appealing, right? You shop & shop for a sweet price, it’s just a hotel room & airfare after all, right? Apples to apples! Price is all that matters. WRONG. FALSE. INCORRECT. You should be following our advice & getting a package, not airfare & hotel. Travel as an industry as incorrectly marketed itself like Wal Mart “low price!” – this is a vacation, not a can of Coca Cola folks. Lots of package inclusions can differ – you need to sniff those out first.  The whole thing here is this – you are a college student. This means you are learning things and people make mistakes. If the offer sounds too good to be true – come on – it is – businesses are not the church, they do this to make money, and for profit. Sometimes, shady people cut corners and we don’t want to see you harmed over this.

2. Watch the Fees that can get tacked on
We already stated this, but the way to nail a travel company down to a price is actually really, really easy.  If they won’t follow this “game plan” on a price, it’s real simple – book someplace that will so you won’t be disappointed. Generally, a bunch of you are going, and if you are the one reading this you are probably either researching information to make an informed decision, or you have post-purchase dissonance and are trying to reassure yourself you made the right choice.
Email them for a price quote. Get what it includes, with the who, what, where, why, when all answered.  Free meals included? Awesome. What restaurant? What hours? What are the choices? Do they still charge a tax/tip fee? Is it all gross fast food?  Specifically ask in writing, WHEN I CHECK IN, will I be required to pay any more money? Here is a list of fees that tour companies can say “is not THEIR fee, and therefore not disclosed:
*Security or Condo Wristband Fee – $10-$35 per person
*”Refundable” Damage deposits at check in – $50 to $100 per person , IN CASH
(guess what happens when you check out – suddenly you have to wait for a check to
come back to you that never does) on a $350 trip, this is a 15% surcharge
*”Non-refundable security fee” – We won’t mention the Oasis Cancun by name, but it’s $27/person
due when you check in.
*VIP Party Packages – sometimes not disclosed just to get you to buy a trip, and then you realize
that without one is $10-$50/night for cover charge – and this unexpected expense can tap you out
*Fuel Surcharge/Security Fees (by the way, if you get charged these fees on a commercial flight (not a charter) complain to the FTC (federal trade commission), the BBB (better business bureau) and
the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) – you’ve been scammed! It’s illegal to charge a security
surcharge, and it’s certainly not permitted to charge a fuel surcharge on a regularly scheduled
commercial flight unless the airline itself imposes the fee. If your dad is a lawyer, sue – you’ll win.
*Baggage Fees -we expect this year the naughty little secret to be excessive fees for checked bags
— after all, airlines are ALL charging baggage fees. If you have a privately chartered aircraft, that
travel company has already paid for the fuel. If they charge you to check bags, it’s going right into their pockets. WE FULLY EXPECT some gnarly, hidden baggage fees. $25 first bag & $50 second bag would be the minimums we’d expect -and that’s payable EACH WAY!!!! GET IN WRITING what the baggage fees are going to be if you are flying.

1. Book a complete spring break travel package – not just “hotel” or “air + hotel”
Whether you book with Inertia Tours or not – get a specialized company that will package together popular travel inclusions to save you money. Airfare, Hotel, airport transfers (you might not have thought of these @$50/person) meals included (can save you $100/person) and maybe an onsite discount program (coupons) can add up to $200 or even $300 in savings – not to mention you’ll probably have onsite staff people down their to ask questions or advice from. Getting a party package from a travel company (don’t buy it anywhere else – tons of fake MTV people rolling around selling crappy parties) is a SMART idea. Bundling this service will save you a ton of cash overall – meaning great value.  What matters is the overall amount of money you spend, not how much your “air + hotel” is. That’s usually only 50-60% of the total money required to travel – and people oftentimes don’t think about that.

If you would like specific advice or information on spring break travel, email me – I’ll do all I can to assist you with the best possible information, or call me 800 821 2176 InertiaTours   YouTube

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Insider scoops & secrets on South Padre Nightclubs for Spring Break 2012

Article about Insider scoops & secrets on South Padre Nightclubs for Spring Break 2012 – I am going to start this off by stating I’m not going to greatly organize the insider scoop on South Padre Nightclubs – and I’m also going to just throw out an “assumption” that most girls on spring break really don’t need an “inside track” like dudes might.
Try to….
1.) Arrive early
A huge mistake is pre-gaming too long at your condo and arriving at peak arrival time (say 10:45 – 11:15 is when the doors are slammed). Several reasons: 1.) You are likely to pay a ridiculously high cover and wait a ridiculously long time in a line you don’t want to (buzz kill in very least). 2.) you have no time to figure out where the prime spot to “people watch” is as well as what bars likely won’t be too slammed to give you a drink in a timely manner 3.) Things you need to do as you’re probably already tipsy when you arrive – go to the can, get a beer, text message, etc you can’t do if you’re getting there at 12 midnight, it’s packed, you can’t find anyone, you’re thirsty, etc.
It’s DUH but don’t….
2.) Drink too much
You can’t think you are going to be effectively hitting on anyone if you’re hammered. It’s inherently unattractive. Your breath will stink. You might be sweating. You might slur your speech. You could be vulgar (mind you nothing wrong with being aggressive but not gross), you might pick a plus size, you abandon your wings/friends or get abandoned. The list goes on & on. Another solid one is you might not have the stamina to go to an after bar where meeting your future spouse (for the week) is easier than a nightclub or bar
Think you’re not going to spend money and….
3.) Be Cheap
This covers a lot of ground as well. You pick a bar based on a “cheap” or “no cover.” Ever get suckered into a radio station promoted club and the club is total gangster? We all have. Bars that suck or are dead have no cover or cheap cover. Inertia Tours clubs have sky high cover. Why? It’s packed = guaranteed. You can avoid that cover by buying a party package. Be cheap also means you decide to walk to the clubs instead of cab. This takes too long. You arrive too late (see 1.) Be cheap means you drink crappy liquor and beer and it makes you sick, hungover that much worse the next day, or looking like shit for the next night. Being cheap means you chat up a pretty or handsome fella/lady and really it’s your time to buy, but when it comes time you jet to the bathroom “pretending” you had to go so you don’t have to buy. Now, as there are 2500 people at the party, you can NEVER locate that hottie again. All to save $10? Come on. Don’t be cheap. Same goes on way home. You work a hottie the ENTIRE night, get em’ to agree to that moonlight stroll on the beach, but as cabs are $5, you’re too cheap to get one and walk her the mile back. By the time you get there, second thoughts, sober up, etc. You just screwed yourself.
Seems logical too….but dont…
4.) Go to the exact same club every night. In fact, you’re absolutely stupid if you do. Some places just don’t have good energy about them – and you could miss this cool XYZ party too. Think this would never happen? It does all the time. Usually by dudes thinking “they have been here before, THEY KNOW WHAT’S UP” yeah. Just because a place is packed doesn’t mean it will be fun for you, allow you to hook up more easily, or be the place you should be on that given night.
But if you do want to save some money….
5.) Arrive before 10 p.m. 9 times out of 10 the cover will be 50% (or less) cheaper than the cover at 11:15 p.m. when there’s a line down the block. Pay $10 to get in or pay $40 to get in? Come on….less is more. Plus, you ARRIVED EARLY like we told you to
6.) Ask what the drink special is to the door staff, and to the bartenders. Some door staff are baboons – some bartenders deaf. You need to know. A couple Inertia parties have a $2 drink special but you will NOT find out what that is if you don’t ask – in Texas they won’t advertise it.
7.) Know what the house specialty drink is. Typically, it will be three things: Larger, stronger, and cheaper. That’s hitting a TRIPLE my friend. The Trifecta! At Louies Backyard it’s the Charlies’ Cherry or the Whammy. At Padre Rock it’s the Rockstar.
8.) I have a lot of “don’t do this or that’s.” If you fight a club on spring break on south padre, likely: You will be thrashed by security. You will be arrested. You will spend the night in jail. You will get a big ticket you must pay before you get out. All because you’re so-so tough. Don’t fight. It’s a buzz kill
9.) Do pre-game. While I just said “don’t drink too much” that has nothing to do with arriving a tad tipsy. This will save you money if you just keep that buzz going and don’t get hammered at the club. It will save you money, AND pre-gaming is a great way to meet up with people. SUGGESTION: If you are a guy, pool your money with your friends. Go to the Liquor Store. Buy a bottle of Malibu. Buy real Bud Light. Buy a bottle of Absolut. Start the night off serving the girls next door “the good stuff” but shift to Taaca Vodka or some other gut rot shit later or for the after bar.
10.) Almost EVERY SINGLE club on south padre even on THE busiest night, will have some bar that’s totally dead. This has to do with the flow of the club – they stick bars everywhere but if there are 10 bars, 5 will be SLAMMED, 3 so-so, and 2 completely dead. It’s crazy. Knowing this because you arrived early and figured it out can make you and your friends look like you are “in the know” or “almost VIP” simply because you’re not dumbasses and kept your eyes open
11.) Bring out a cell phone. You might lose it. Texting all night in the bar or checking facebook is 100% loser. No one wants to approach the “text addict.” It’s creepy. I know, we all text/facebook, use our phones as cameras these days but seriously. If you get bombed and lose it, do you think you will have wished you had followed my advice? The ONLY issue here is phone numbers but its really not that hard. Have a pen on you. Use a napkin. Park that number in your pocket. And, if you’re bold write it on her/his hand (bring a felt tip pen). If she (he) lets you well someone is likely DTF!
12.) Be a douchebag to ANY club staff. You think you’re better than them? Well, later you might see the door guy rotated to the least crowded bar you were a dick to earlier. Not so smart was it? While you might not really remember their faces, they surely will remember yours.
13.) As you arrived early you know to get the bartenders NAME at the bar that appears like it’s going to be the least busy. TIP HIM/HER WELL right off the bat. Tell them where you are from and that Guys from Wisconsin know how to drink don’t forget me now TOM (bartenders name). 99% don’t bother to do this. When it’s slammed.. well guess who gets served first?
Speaking of drink service DO NOT:
Be the loudest yeller with the idea that you will get the fastest server
Budge/cut off people. You could get bitch slapped thinking you’re too cool for the party
Ask for VIP. They don’t have a VIP section in clubs on south padre really
Ask for bottle service they don’t have that either. It’s too busy and therefore both impractical AND not as profitable.  Order 1 drink at a time if it’s your round to buy. Tell the bartender ALL the drinks at once, or at least 3 at once. Some bartenders are dumbasses (granted) and you can’t do this
Do NOT order complicated drinks. They will fuck them up as it’s so busy
Overall, a really smart idea is to buy a Red Carpet VIP Party Package from Inertia Tours. Inertia Tours is the largest provider of college spring break vacation packages to South Padre Island. All of our students add this package. This means they all go to one packed club each night. Tons of variety in terms of people.
The Red Carpet VIP Party Package has a simple guarantee for south padre spring break if Inertia does NOT have the largest party any night of your package, we will gladly refund the party package. Not much of a guarantee as we bring the most people to South Padre Island.
Email me:

Pool party:

You Won’t Be Bored with South Padre Island Texas as Your Spring Break Destination

This place was meant to be the Spring Break party place and just like everything in Texas, they do Spring Break BIG. With events and activities packed in continuously and the one part of Spring Break that doesn’t apply here is the “Break.”
Located at the tropical tip of Texas South Padre Island is surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico and the Laguna Madre Bay; giving you a spring break designed with nothing but sand, sun and fun on the Texas beaches. Geared towards a safe and fun event during Spring Break there are a ton of big name corporations that sponsor a series of events for a South Padre Island paradise. A free shuttle bus offers rides all around the area; making sure you have safe transportation to various events. There’s nothing like the South Padre Beaches to give you a variety of fun.  Wind surfing, kite boarding, water skiing, horseback riding on the beach, and so much more is an every day event on South Padre Island. During spring break you can buy party packages that can save you tons of money as some cover charges can cost up to $60 or more. But on the South Padre Beaches you can find everything from Celebrities to rock bands, Corporation sponsored parties and more. Coca-Cola is one of the largest sponsors and has been for many years. Night life is non-stop and parties range from big name bands to pool parties with night lights that bring out the beauty of the Texas beaches.
Daytime is still play time with beach Olympics, hot body and bikini contests, world famous music artists with wild parties. South Padre Island is always on the top 10 list of best party beaches for Spring Break! You can choose any spot on the South Padre Beaches and it’s sure to be a party spot during spring break.
If you’re trying to convince mom and dad that you’re old enough to enjoy some good fun and keep safe, South Padre Island has your back. You can even find packages that offer an On-Site Staff that is there to provide assistance 24/7. A top 10 party beach being your destination spot!
There are so many different packages and special deals that will help you afford all types of fun. The warm Gulf waters will keep you glistening while you swim, kite surf, and find even more to do along the gorgeous Texas beaches. If you’re into wild night life, exciting day parties and crowds of roaring good times then this is the party spot for you. Don’t hesitate, check out the package deals and get moving on being a part of this year’s South Padre Island Spring Break festivities. Who knows, you may meet some party folks at the Coke beach stage daily as well. Go to for specific pricing deals or call 800-821-2176  YouTube

Cancun, Mexico – air, beachfront hotels, meals – price is $799/person

 Cancun, Mexico – air, beachfront hotels, meals – price is $799/person

Want a cheap spring break trip to Cancun? Book with Inertia Tours. We will get your roundtrip airfare, a beachfront hotel, and 2 dine around restaurant meals per day with NO HIDDEN FEES for $799/person.

To get this price, Inertia gets to select what hotel you stay in, but we do guarantee it to be beachfront!

The deposit per person to book this trip is $250/person, and the balance is due the first week in January.

Call us toll free 800 821 2176 and ask for Chad.

Cancun spring break is a great choice because:

*cheapest spring break trip with a flight ANYWHERE

*Brilliant blue water is clear over 100 feet deep. Amazing water!

*Nicest hotels you can find at any spring break destination

*American set up on food – pizza hut, mcdonalds, subway, etc.

*Clubs busy every week of spring break – Cancun always has people!
Inertia YouTube

Trips priced 199 to 249 per student total

South Padre Island Texas
4 nights / 5 days
2 dine around restaurant meals included per day per person
50 dollar gas fill up card per room booked
Walk to beach hotel category that are nice, close to beach, party centered
Price is $249 per person March 14-March 18
Price is $199 per person any other weeks of spring break
All check in’s are on Sunday on this special without exception. 800-821-2176
Example of some properties:

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alternative Spring Break Trips Available with no Jesus

Inertia Tours offers great alternative spring break trips to Breckenridge, Colorado for college spring break ski trips that are priced from $350 to $450/person with 5 nights lodging and 4 days of lift tickets included, or Leon & Las Penitas Beach. See a colonial city, do volcano boarding, and learn to surf with Inertia Tours. $799/person with airfare! 800-821-2176

Spring Break 2014 celebrity hosts for South Padre Spring Break already signed plus other funny shit

Inertia Tours Spring Break introduces for Spring Break South Padre 2014:
MTV Spring Break – Nick Brown – Inertia emcee & party host – “The Real World”
MTV Spring Break – DJ Legacy – Inertia Tours celebrity artist spinning three of our parties
MTV’s DJ Skribble – hosting 2 parties for Inertia Tours on the wheels
The Real World Spring Break Entourage:
DJ Nehemiah “DJ NeHEE” Clark – MTV’s The Real World – spinning our infamous Mardi Gras Party @ Tequila Sunset
Noor – The King of Persia reigns in on the World’s Largest Spring Break Parties
Did you know that our parties we don’t feel are approaching even numbers until we hit 4 digits (a/k/a 1000 people a night) for 23 straight nights last spring break.
Inertia Tours offers the wildest spring break packages to South Padre Island, Texas. We are the #1 Largest provider of US Spring Break Trips – we are based in Texas for Texas Spring Break.
How many people does Inertia bring?
* Enough to pack Louies Backyard with just our students so that it’s nothing but elbows and assholes
*Well, we check in 175 people per hour for 12 straight hours on March 10th.
*For sure we see at least 20 to 40 people per year wee their britches. Yep, that bombed
*We travel more than 1200 sorority members and 700 fraternity members in March – not including our non Greekers!
*So many people whine the parties are “too packed”
*If someone farted in our party, there is no way you would smell it, and we don’t care how bad your farts stink
*We have enough people that we estimate as high as 600 students in our biggest week do NOT end up sleeping in their own condo. Think shrubs, cars, the beach, the
pool side chair, and of course…..the random bed
Other Facts about Spring Break, clients, and South Padre Island
*Inertia hosts an eating contest each week at Whataburger – the finest Texas’ chain of fast food. If you complete the Whatachallenge, your food is paid for by the President of Inertia Tours.
You must eat:
-Triple meat, triple cheese with Bacon burger
-Large Fries
-Breakfast Platter
You have 29 minutes to take it down. Yes, about a dozen people a week complete the challenge. You buy your meal and keep the receipt. Inertia staff must be
on site – notify them you are prepared to participate in the challenge. Enter at your own risk. If you finish the challenge in 29 minutes or less, inertia reimburses you on the spot & you get a FREE King of Whataburger Tee. Girls – just don’t bother.
*The fastest way to spot a Fraternity member is Ralph Lauren. They have made that dude alot of money.
*Rookie Inertia staff are subjected to much initiation as our program is built around fun, partying, and organization.
*We quote our friend Mark Gonzalez – “I drank two of those fuckin’ charlies’ cherries and tried for a third..and GODDAMMMMNNNNNNNNNN I didn’t make it to the top of the stairs.” Mark can drink more vodka than any man I’ve ever seen in 17 years of selling & running spring break
*The Principal of Inertia (yours truly) started staffing spring break in Mazatlan, Mexico with College Tours (now defunct). The TRUE founder of organized spring break travel, Dennis Anderson served as his mentor of sorts. Chad then switch companies to (now defunct) Surf n’ Sun Travel & Tours, then to usa spring break, then to Student Express, then to help found Inertia Tours. Yours truly is on every single check in day, takes care of vendor relations, all condo & hotel contracts, web content, and online SEO, marketing, and creative content.
*Playboy had studies that showed that less than 40% of students actually bang on spring break. We are not sure about hanky panky, that was quizzed
So when your parents say “all people do on spring break is HAVE SEX!!” Say, mom, no way…playboy had studies….”
*Natural Light is the top selling beer during spring break. “Natty Light” baby!
*Please! No doing butt beer bongs & vodka tampons this Spring Break – you gotta see this “The Dr.s” show video:
*If you call our office and asked for the “cheapest trip” you have 30 seconds to explain your idiotic behavior or we must let you go. Call us and say “I want the (wildest, sickest, drunkest, nicest, best) spring break trip…we have hours for you.
*Real beer bongs came onto the scene HARDCORE in the late 1990′s
*Inertia Tours operates / owns not ONE but TWO Super Stretch late model Lincoln Towncar Limos – one white, one black 120″ Krystal conversions to transport our VIPs and Campus Reps (salespeople) to the parties each & every night? We do. Be are REP –  – sell just 14 trips & earn a free trip.
*Inertia Tours is the only spring break tour operator with an office on location and that is based at their Principal destination.  We are based on South Padre Island.
*Did you know that if you are a smart ass, the DPS in Texas will actually register your city as South Party Island, TX? Several of my friends have them and they serve as their valid State ID
*Some of Inertia’s VIP condo inventory has price tags of up to $2 million US dollars? Did you know that Inertia Tours has at least 20 open units in September for private condos on South Padre Island with private hot tubs/jacuzzis on the patio or inside? We do.
*An “inertia tours socialllll!!!” used to be called an Inertia Mother Fucking Tours! Social but due to complaints, was “downsized.” I mean…if spring break has rules we rule those people out! If you don’t know what a drinking social is don’t call us for a trip.
*The owner of Peninsula Resort flew me and a friend to a Steakhouse in Saltillo, Mexico for a steak dinner on his private twin engine and back to Brownsville. He parties on spring break if you have expensive tequila. Peninsula Island also owns the ONLY ski resort in Mexico – Monterreal – which can get up to 12 inches of snow at one time south of Monterrey, Mexico. Yes, we can get you at trip there too.
Did we work hard enough to get you to book an insane trip with us for Spring Break 2013? Email me for more info, insight, but please, don’t complain I cussed. I know, I’m working on it.

Inertia Tours Party!


What to eat at certain South Padre Restaurants while on Spring Break

South Padre Island is alot like any tourist town – you have to know what to order at each restaurant or you might walk away less than stoked. This is my short list, and it’s subjective of course – but I have had others agree, etc.
Louies Backyard
Ahi Tuna, Ribs, Big Daddy Sandwich, the Buffet is actually good. I also “lay waste” to their Backyard Burger (it has baked beans on it!)
Pier 19
Their breakfasts are outstanding. I also like their blackened grilled fish
Sea Ranch
Depending, stick with grilled fish…flounder, grouper, red snapper, even amberjack
Isla Grand Hotel
Sat/Sunday Breakfast buffets are OUTSTANDING. They have great food for a hotel
Gabriellas (Italian)
Italian Nachos
Fettucine Alfredo (per my wife the Queen Bee Julie)
Their pizza is the best on south padre island
Sausage & peppers
Cafe Kranzler
Eggs Benedict
South Padre Brew Pub
Their Chicken Pesto flatbread sandwich with roasted potatoes
#2 on Pizza on south padre
Ted’s Restaurant
Breakfast Fajitas
The Big Donkey
Blackened fish tacos
Daddy’s Seafood Kitchen
Fried Shrimp Basket
Oysters (in season)
Excellent sushi & hibachi grill. It’s not cheap but it is great
Texas Moon Cafe
Decent cheeseburger
Dirty Al’s
Blackened bacon cheeseburger is outstanding
Fried shrimp, – same owner as Daddys
Nachos are simply retarded. Cheeseburger in Paradise with bacon is very retarded
Las Olas @ Peninsula Resort
I really crave their breakfast fajitas as well. Homemade salsa is the bomb!
Grapevine Cafe
Chicken Fried steak not bad, their Mexican Plate is actually really really good, and their giant breakfast tacos best for the Island. Manuels in Port Isabel has better
breakfast tacos however
Blackbeards – BEST chicken fried chicken in south texas.
if you don’t see a restaurant on here, it’s one of two reasons:
1.) I haven’t been there much
2.) I don’t like it much
Inertia Tours Chad….OUT!!!!
Inertia INCLUDES 14 dine out restaurant meals on all of our week long spring break break trip packages to South Padre Island, Texas.
One of our restaurants:

Quality & Value VS. Cheap Price & Good Enough – The Devil’s Gold of Spring Break Travel

Many of us are now exposed to massive on & offline efforts to “educate” us that buying travel online is not only the most efficient way to book, it’s also the “cheapest.”  They say, the “big 4″ in travel – expedia, orbitz, priceline, (part of expedia) have spent a billion dollars “teaching us” that “cheap” is “good” when it comes to travel.  Airlines even bought into this nightmare of stupidity – which is…  Travel is a commodity. It’s like buying a can of Coke. If you buy a coke at walmart or you buy a can of Coke at Target, it’s the same can of Coke. Pay the least you can!  Stupid. And Dumb. And Wrong.
Even airfare really isn’t a commodity as you should be checking bag fees, how much time you must spend on layovers, and the like. You also get zero advice on the airport parking, rental cars, which hotels make sense, etc. All stuff a travel agent used to provide but got cut out by many different travel online sites. Knowledge actually is worth something. Unfortunately, and entire cadre of people that had that knowledge are in many ways gone…
However, buying a travel package like spring break has MANY package inclusions that will matter – and you really will not WANT a low price for things like meals or accommodations more than likely. Low price = cheap = horseshit. Consider if your spring break package has meals included. Well, if Inertia used fast food we could do the meals for$ $4 a person instead of $6-$8 per person (heavily discounted still thanks to our restaurant vendors).
I feel for people that fall into this trap. I did it. I went to Walt Disney World when I was 22 and stayed at the Ramada Maingate. It was only $39/night at the time to stay “on Disney” property was $150 a night. Do I need to finish this story? You don’t go to Disney World and not stay on property.
What really kills me about calling us and saying “I found a lower price.” Who gives a shit man! WalMart also has the cheapest clothes. So, do you dress in all walmart clothes? No? Well, why not? They are the cheapest after all.
Travel is one of the things that people look for “cheap” way too much as a college student particularly looking at spring break. We understand college students are on a budget, too. So, Mr. Genius Inertia Tours Dude, what SHOULD I look for?
Quality of accommodations – LOCATION is key on spring break
Value – a package can save you money in the long run, and without a doubt it definitely will end arguments in your group – the more included the better.
Inclusions – and pay attention to what, where, why, who, how here…”well they have meals included too.” Sure – but are they McDonalds? Are they coffee and a donut? Where are they, when, and what are the choices?
Even things like comparing trip to trip…Trip X to Cancun has airport transfers included like Inertia does include, while Trip Y does not. Guess what? That “trip that was cheaper” now all of a sudden really is $75 per person more, AND your friends want to beat you up for missing that.
Hotel or Condos – where are they? Saving $10/day x 7 days is $70 for the trip in savings. But the dump you booked requires a cab 2 times a day roundtrip, so it’s $20/day more, or $140 total more for the week. Now you have pissed off friends, ride times, inconvenience, etc. All because you “found a better deal online.” No you didn’t, you Baboon!
Parties – “they include a party package’ – and…what does that mean? Does that mean you get free booze included at the parties and get to clubs you actually want to go to, or small bars with no cover? Does it mean no cool side trips are included like a booze cruise?
Finally, at Inertia we compete with many douche “owner” travel sites that are “rent by owner” and “rental agency” types of scams. They have condos all right, but when you arrive, get ready to bend on over. “Sorry sir, the tax of 15% isn’t included.” Oh, the property charges a fee of $25 per person for security wristbands – it’s “their” fee not ours so you have to pay us now so we can pay them for you and give you the wristbands” and my favorite scam these guys ALL RUN – the “refundable damage deposit” scam.  They take $50 per person in cash off you at check in to “insure against damages.” If you “don’t damage the unit you get the money back.” So, you don’t damage the unit. At check out, they let you know that they will send ONE check for the FULL amount back to the ONE person in the group as right now, housekeeping is backed up and they don’t have time to check the unit for damages. So, you leave. You never get the money. You live in Kansas, not Texas. SO, are you going to sue them for the $50? You could – you’d win. But…for $50? nope. They know this. It’s a TOTAL scam. Even IF you got the check back, if that one kid cashes the check and doesn’t give you your money back, then what? You guessed it – it’s not the condo rental agency’s problem, your friend now scammed you. These places NEVER let you put it on a credit card, either, for good reason it’s CASH ONLY.
Tax – $30 per person
Wristband fee – $25 per person
“refundable” damage deposit of $50 per person
Hidden Fees: $105 PER PERSON!!! HUGE HUGE difference in price. So, when you call Inertia to haggle our price and we tell you to buzz off, that’s why. Our prices INCLUDE any of this nonsense.
If you’d like a straight shooter on a trip, call us 800 821 2176 – we would love to earn your business, but not if we have to bullshit you to get you book.
Inertia Tours Chad…OUT!!!

Spring Break Surfing In Nicaragua

Spring break should be about surfing, seeing new places, beaches, and having fun in some place as exciting and exotic as Nicaragua. Don’t waste your time and money going to some lame beach with a bunch of idiots that think fun is just walking around flexing their bodies and drinking beer. If you want beer guts and jiggly butts for fun then hitting the beaches of Nicaragua is not for you. If you want to just sit around and let life pass you by during your Spring Break then you can hit some of those lame places on boring beaches within the constraints of boring beach patrols and lame parties. If you’re looking for a fun, learning experience filled with excitement then you need to check out a Nicaragua Spring Break. Spend your days in the sun while you learn to surf in Nicaragua. Have a professional show you the ropes and show off those great skills in no time as you surf Nicaragua with your friends and show the rest of your spring break buddies where the real fun is!
Going to Nicaragua for Spring Break is something more and more people are doing; finding that day after day of fun in the sun and non-stop surfing on some of Nicaragua’s uncrowded waves. Better yet, have a package all put together for you by Green Pathways, a Rainforest Alliance Verified tourist site, who can provide you with a fully guided surf tour with professionals. If you’re an experienced surfer or a novice who wants to learn to surf Nicaragua Green Pathways can put together the right package for you. Experience the beauty, the tranquility, and the excitement all in one while enjoying your spring break in Nicaragua.
If you’re a lover of nature, enjoy the beauty of sparkling waters and thrilling waves, and want to stand out from the crowd don’t pick a boring spring break in your average places. Go above average with a special deal that will cover exciting surfing lessons, thrilling hikes, and amazing sites. Surf Nicaragua and then hike the beautiful region of exotic wildlife or snorkel under the waters you just surfed across. Watch the beautiful sunsets after a fun-filled day of beaches, bikinis, bodies, and beautiful sites galore. Burn off calories and tone muscles while you learn to surf in Nicaragua and come back with a tight body instead of a beer gut. While others will be talking about their same old style local beach parties you can brag about the beauty of the beaches and how you learned to surf Nicaragua. Share how you caught the crisp, clear waves as you start a bigger and better trend of taking a Nicaragua spring break instead of being another face in the crowd at a Florida beach with blue hairs complaining about the noise you make!
So get your passport ready and let go! Fly across the glass waves and surf under the blue skies as you enjoy your spring break unlike anyone else. Don’t be “typical.” Look at what life’s about and realize precious fleeting moments like this don’t last forever. Learn to surf as you visit beautiful Nicaragua and return home with more than just some golden highlights and sun kissed skin; but an experience beyond words as you share your spring vacation that’s surely above and beyond the typical humdrum break. Take your Spring Break in Nicaragua and come back with some wicked skills in the water.

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