Friday, October 31, 2014

Things to do in Lake Havasu for Spring Break

Lake Havasu is a fairly popular destination for Spring Breakers. It is geared towards people who might not want the big, intense college spring break parties that places like South Padre Island have. Instead, Lake Havasu has a wide variety of activities to do with your friends during your Spring Break.

Here's a list of things to do in Lake Havasu for Spring Break.


This is the obvious activity. If you're going to a lake, you're probably going boating. There are different ways to go about here, though. 

If you're looking for a nice, relaxing day then head to the cove at copper canyon or the sandbar. Here you will find boats PACKED together with Spring Breakers. Lots of music, drinking, and partying going on here.

If you want more adventure there is cliff diving, jet skiing, wakeboarding/waterskiing, fishing, scuba diving, and more. And if you don't own a boat, don't worry. There are places to rent boats here.

The Great Outdoors

Lake Havasu is in the desert, so there is a lot of hiking, biking, and off-roading to do. Rentals are definitely available, and there are some great places to see out here! Definitely a beautiful location.


It starts to get pretty chilly at night during Spring Break, so people usually come in off the lake. The party continues on shore at places like Kokomo. This place has several dance floors, dj's, great music, and even a pool that you can get in for free if you buy a drink. Probably the biggest nightlife place at Havasu. Another fun one is the night club Red Room.

London Bridge

The historical reason to come to Lake Havasu: London Bridge! They have the actual London Bridge. So the story is that it was sinking into the ground in London because it wasn't built for all the heavy traffic there. Then in the 60's they sold it to the founder of Lake Havasu and he had it carefully taken apart (block by block), shipped to Arizona, and reassembled. Kind of a cool attraction and they have cheap tours of it you can do. Also a pretty romantic spot for a walk with a significant other.

Well, that's not EVERYTHING to do at Lake Havasu, but hopefully you at least have a taste of what it is like now! If you are looking for an unforgettable Spring Break trip with your friends, make sure you check out Inertia Tours. They have some amazing packages to several destinations.

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