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The lowdown on Spring Break Contests by Inertia Tours

Many of you know that on Spring Break, there are contests run on the side trips and at the clubs at night...this blog post will tell you all about them as well as provide examples of what you can expect on Spring Break 2015 with Inertia Tours.

Here is a photo of one of our clients participating in our Spring Break Mardi Grad Bead Contest:

You can also view more photos here:

Contests to Expect:

Keg Stands
Bikini Contests
Wet T Shirt Contests
Mardi Gras Bead Contests
Dizzy Lizzy (also referred to as Dizzy Bat)

 Keg Stands
Keg stands doesn't necessarily have to be in "contest format" - many fraternities have kegs lined up on the beach on South Padre Island Spring Break simply doing keg stands to catch a buzz.

Generally though...there is a count....or a chant..."chug chug chug" each chug counts as "1." Yes, this can be dangerous - one reason you won't find at least our Spring Break Tour Company promoting it as people can get really drunk doing them!

See over 40,000 spring break trip photos at:

Video Instruction on how to properly NOT do a keg stand:

 Dizzy Lizzy (Dizzy Bat)

This contest involves taking a plastic bat, filling it with beer (or party bevie) drinking it down, then spinning around with your forehead on the bat and running down, tagging a partner OR taking empty can of beer and hitting it.... and they do it all over again. You should have 2 teams of 5 per team.

If you don't have a bat, what I have seen done is this. You get 2 teams of 5 people. Set 2 bar stools up 30 feet apart.

Each team lines up at opposite bar stools. There is a table next to the bar stools set like 5 feet away. The teams each select one person to go first. That person slams a beer from the table, then puts their head on the bar stool and spins around it 5 times...(or uses a bat) ..this works well in the sand by the way...then they run down to the other table, slam one more beer, then tag off.

First team done wins. Spilling is NOT allowed!

Panama City Beach, Florida you will actually recognize as the spring break capital of the dizzy bat.

Bikini Contests

This is self explanatory. Girls ply for anything from a bar tab, to $100 cash, to a Free Spring Break trip the next year. The "smart" emcees announce over and over nudity of any kind is not allowed...IF THEY DO (they rarely do due to the pervert factor) ...they will get some of the hottest girls to participate. If you see a rookie hosting one...they will encourage nudity..which...keeps the pretty girls away (ummm...sometimes hahaha)

South Padre Island Texas is the king of Bikini Contests. 

This is super popular at nightclubs at night, and they provide tiny bikinis for the girl. Expect a creeper older emcee to host if at a club at night. The best bikini contests DO NOT allow nudity, and are during the day if you really want to see pretty girls that is.

Example of Creepy Emcee:

This isn't always the case with nighttime bikini contests....
Here is a decent bikini contest at Louies Backyard on South Padre Island with Inertia Tours

And we also have some superb bikini contests at other venues in South Padre Island TX

as well as:

We recently filmed our Cancun Spring Break program's Bikini Contest at Mandala Beach Club in Cancun -- for some reason blogger will not let me embed the video..but here is the link..worth the copy/paste!

And here is our final thought on the incredible DAY TIME bikini contests that Reef holds:
and the back....

Mardi Gras Spring Break Bead Contests

Generally these are run as a main event party where everyone gets mardi gras beads when they enter the party (2 each) and the person (the girl 100% of the time) with the most beads earns money or a free spring break trips.

Of course..mayhem ensues....

It can range from wild to mild...for example, a "girl kissing girl" contest if the girls kiss for 15 seconds with tongue they get extra mardi gras beads is supremely popular...20 to 40 girls will line up to kiss each me on a cheek for a bead type of stuff.

This is a toss up between the Cancun of old (Pat Obriens) and Mazatlan of old (Joe's Oyster Bar) to the new South Padre Island, Texas as to which destination holds the best mardi gras knock off from New Orleans. it is...Wet T Shirt Contests

Do we REALLY need to describe what this means? During college week for spring break, Wet T Shirt contests abound. Generally, the girls may be permitted to flash, but they may not take off their bottoms and show any cooter.

Here is Inertia Tours version at South Padre Island, Texas at Palm Street Pier...gettin' rowdy for sure!

If you have ANY questions about spring break 2015 destinations, need helpful, friendly advice on where to go or where to stay, call us 800 821 2176 or go to

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