Wednesday, April 30, 2014

How to save money by booking College Spring Break 2015 early

This post gives you simple advice as to how you can save money by booking College Spring Break 2015 early.

Top Five Ways to Save Money on Spring Break 2015 by booking early

1.) Many spring break travel agencies have few (if any) inquiries about trips taking place nearly 1 year in advance.

For them, your inquiry will seem like "free commissions" so they are very apt to cut a special deal or include extra things like perhaps a free upgrade to a suite or 50% off travel insurance when you inquire this early out.

You have to ask generally...but don't be crazy. On the first inquiry, just politely say "I'm looking to organize my friends for spring break as early as possible to get the best deal, as I'm hoping for a special price or maybe something extra included...can you help me?"

No professional will say NO WAY to such a request. Book early.

2.) Airfare will be less by booking early 100% of the time

Let me eliminate the fallacy of "booking last minute to get a deal" which is a complete untruth that has be sold to the American people for years by internet travel companies. Airlines since the economic downturn dropped flights, merged, cut labor costs, have huge bags fees, and are running full.

Sure...technically if they aren't "sold out" they drop the fare. Guess what? March is THE busiest air travel month of the year. They are ALL FULL to popular spring break destinations like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and South Padre Island Texas, to name a few.

What this means is...using their yield management models to set their ticket prices, they are selling a $450 ticket in May may be $750 in October. That's a massive increase! Book early.

3.) Get a group together...but....

Yes, by getting a small group together you can inquire with a student tour company about getting a free trip or a group discount.

An example of one is:

Again..small...if you say (or really do have) say 100 people that want to do Cancun spring break, and tell the travel company that...first of all they won't believe you. Secondly...if you go over say 25 people the price actually should go UP not DOWN.

Going in with telling some travel agency saying look, we have about 15 to 20 people that want to go on spring break, can we get a small group discount if I take on doing some of the organizing work for your Company and promote it?

The answer is yes. There is generally an exception. If you go to the Agent and ask for this last minute, the Agent will say hey...we are selling out anyway, or our margin is too small this late in the year to offer you anything etc etc.

4.) Spring Break Condos and Spring Break Hotel Availability is greater early

There isn't a whole bunch to expand on here. The earlier you plan a vacation, the more availability there is, and therefore competition for your early business which gives you more spring break trip options for accommodations to book'll get more bang for your buck.

5.) Time to Pay

You may say....having more time to pay on your spring break vacation doesn't save you money...but it sort of does if you are on a small student budget each month.

You see, at least with Spring Break Tour Companies like, you can make a small deposit of say $100 to reserve the trip, then you get monthly payments which make the more trip affordable.

If you book early, these payments will be incrementally less. While that doesn't make it lower cost, it DOES MAKE IT cheaper each month for your tight budget. This also means more of your friends can go.


Book a trip to South Padre Spring Break and you can put $45 down. Then pay $100/month if you make the initial $45 down by June 1. That's airfare, 5 nights condo, meals, and a party package. What a deal, right? And affordable. Now...if you book this same trip say November 1. You'd only have 2 months to pay! This means monthly payments of say $370/month...ouch!

Have questions about spring break 2015 and saving money? Call Inertia Tours 800 821 2176. Helpful, friendly folks to answer your questions. We have trips priced from $250 per student if you drive to south padre island texas to $1499 for a week long all inclusive trip with a flight to Cancun or email us

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