Saturday, June 28, 2014

Travel Free Program Earn A free Spring Break Trip

 Travel Free Program Earn A free Spring Break Trip
Be a marketing rep and travel FREE with Inertia Tours. Sign Up just 14 people* on one of our great student vacations and earn a free spring break trip.

Travel FREE 

Campus Reps

Spend 2 Hours per week
Sign Up Their Friends
Tell The Greeks(Fraternities/Sororities)
Set Up Group On Facebook
Flyer & Poster Their Campus
Meet Tons Of New People

Fill this out so we can see if you are a good match
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Our Campus Marketing Rep positions are a great way to learn first hand marketing & sales with one of the largest student travel tour companies in the United States.

Sell fun - sell spring break & build your resume.

In today's tough job market, Inertia Tours is hiring for this position and it is a great way to build your resume for full time employment after graduation. 
Our Reps work independently on their campus (as well as surrounding ones) promoting our travel packages to students.

Whether you are in a fraternity or sorority, have a group of friends that want to go, or want to promote our trips to everyone, this is a great opportunity to go free on spring break this year. 
Travel FREE
In under 2 minutes learn
How to earn a FREE Trip
Trips with Airfare Included require 30 total sales for the airfare portion of the trip to be included as compensation.

The land/ground/hotel Portion is included FREE as stated in the yellow box above 14:1 first semester or 20:1 second semester or ski trips. 

  Inertia provides our Reps with complimentary marketing materials (5 to 6 different kind of spring break beach & ski flyers), a quick start guide to selling the trips, and free phone sales support. 
 We couple this with great pay & travel benefits with flexible hours.

Inertia specializes in student travel packages for $500 & less per person. We dominate this pricing niche.

We also specialize in US-based spring break packages to South Padre Island, Texas, Panama City Beach, Florida, and Breckenridge, Colorado. (easier sell to parents for safety)


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