Friday, February 21, 2014

South Padre Island Texas

                        South Padre Island Texas

 Where would you like to go for spring break?

South Padre Island (SPI) in the Lone Star State comes in at number three on the list of most popular destinations for spring breakers to gather. A huge part of that is due to Inertia Tours

Check out the top 5 “Best Spring Break Destinations”

The Top 5 Best Spring Break Destinations

Miami Beach, Florida

Cancun, Mexico

South Padre Island, Texas

Panama Beach City, Florida

Las Vegas, Nevada


South Padre Island Texas

Don't be fooled by silly imitations - Inertia Tours brings more college students to South Padre Island than all other travel agencies combined. South Padre Island is the warmest US spring break destination, and as you can drive here, it makes it the most affordable college vacation. Won't you accept our warm, Texas invitation to join the best & safest spring break destination? We would love for you to come!


condos_home_big   Our Ultimate Beachfront Condos Category

This category guarantees you a full condo at Sunchase Beachfront, Saida, or the Peninsula. All units within 250 yards of the Coke Beach Stage & spring break units are 100% Inertia.
Need a lower cost option? Look no further than Inertia's exclusive "4 nighter" walk to beach condo & hotel options priced from $250 per person with meals included. Call 800 821 2176 & ask for it by name

Inertia's exclusive Red Carpet VIP Party Package includes not only a true separate entrance each night on the Red Carpet - you get the cover charged included as well as a side trip excursion. This brings your trip as close to all inclusive as you can get - and puts you at the best clubs on the best night

Still doubts? View last years' photo album by clicking HERE of all of last years' spring break.
Meal Plans - 2 dine out restaurant meals per person per day - we don't do fast food, either
Only Inertia includes our dine out restaurant meal plan with 2-5 choices off a special student menu while on your trip. This helps you budget & saves you money as the week goes on & your funds dwindle.
Ready To Price A Trip?
Let Inertia show you our guaranteed largest nightly parties, our included meals, and our exclusive condo & hotel properties for your spring break package. Whether you plan on driving down, hopping one of our luxury party bus motorcoaches, or including a flight .......
Welcome to the Wild-Wild West - Texas-sized Spring Break

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$299/person South Padre Inertia Tours 4 nights/5 days beachfront w/meals 800 821 #cancunspringbreak #southpadreisland #springbreak2014#inertiatours #fishingcancun students call 800 821 2176 to book #southpadre #greeklife#vavation #travel #mexico #bucketlist

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