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Money Saving Tips for College Spring Break 2014

Whеn it comes to college trаvеl, most соllеgе students have some idea and know hоw tо mаkе a trip as cheap as роѕѕiblе. Hоwеvеr, thеrе аrе рlеntу of thingѕ to keep in mind аѕ fаr аѕ traveling сrоѕѕ соuntrу for low cash.

Hеrе аrе a fеw money saving tips for Spring Break 2014 for college students:

• Consider driving instead of flying. This alone will save you $200 to $500 of your total trip price. Grab a parents large SUV, put 5 to 6 people in it, all split the gas and it’s a lot less money. If its your vehicle, make sure you PRE-COLLECT for gas, an oil change, and 2 car washes (one when you arrive and one for when you get home). Otherwise, you can forget about your friends paying you after the trip!

*Save on gas by doing a download to an app like Gas Buddy or Gas Guru. These apps use GPS and your phone to find you the lowest cost gas station prices as you make your road trip along your route. Make ѕurе the vehicle you do take is in good operating order like fresh oil, and tires at maximum air pressure to get the best gas mileage.

*Booking early in first semester can save you as much as 40% of the per person price of accommodations. As the hotels fill up, their rates go up, not down. Be careful believing that you get the best deal on a “last minute” blowout on rooms – fact is, hotels all sell out tight in March and there is no point in discounting for them late in the game. They discount early.

*Book a condo instead of a hotel. Sure, they might cost a big more…but having a kitchen instead of a hotel room that does not have one means you can go to wal mart and stock up on food for the week.

*Location does matter. I huge mistake college students make is booking a hotel or condo off the beaten path because they believe it will save them money. Maybe. The reason we say maybe is the fact that you can’t drink and drive, so if you can’t walk to the clubs, that’s a cab each way. The main beach area where everyone goes during the day you have to taxi it there too if drinking. Worse, there is no students at your hotel just old people and they are constantly complaining you are “too loud” when in fact you are not.

*Don’t believe all you read on the internet. The best advice on a destination is people that have been there, or using a tour operator or travel agent that is based at that destination or does a ton of business there. Unfamiliarity can cost you money as well from bad restaurants to getting a club flyer to a dead party because you didn’t know better. Also...businesses can have friends post fake reviews online that they are 5 stars. Or even worse, a competitor "anonymously" posts a negative 1 star review on a truly awesome deal/company and you avoid it as a "scam" even though that really was the Company to book with!

*Bring adequate spending money. You might say, hey, I thought this was a money saving tip, now we are talking about spending money being sufficient? What?!! That’s right. Not having enough money can actually cost you money and here is how. If you budgeted $100 for “pregame” beers in your room or condo, you will save $200 to $500 by not buying so many expensive hotel drinks or club drinks.

*Be sneaky. Sigh. We shouldn’t mention this. We are naughty. Get a flask. Put vodka in a flask, get ice water at the bar and squeeze lemon or limes into it. In the middle of the crowed a club or dark corner, use your flask = no money spent in club or bar on booze. Tip: Don’t get too drunk. Drunk people get stupid and bold. We have seen people pour or take a pull from a flask in the middle of the bar. A rough throw out insues. Understand, if you get caught, you will be thrown out, sometimes violently. If you are a minor, likely they will call the cops. This is how a nightclub makes money so if you are not buying drinks, you are thief of course.

*Get a “party package” or “party card” at your destination. Many negative people will say “don’t buy it it’s not worth it!” Rarely are they right. Like any discount or deal, there will be restrictions. For example, you have to be at the club by 9 pm for free entrance. So what? IF that saves you a $40 cover charge you are telling me  you can’t go out early and you should use the party package discount? That’s stupid. Buy a party package or card IF you can find one. On South Padre Island, Texas it is Inertia Tours Red Carpet Party Package. In Panama City, it is the Panamaniac Card. In Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, it is party packages…just make sure you buy from a reputable tour company not some local guy slinging tickets, packages or cards as you have NO WAY to know if it’s real. If you cannot buy using a credit card, just pass.

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