Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Insiders' s Guide to booking a true VIP Spring Break Trip

At Inertia Tours from time to time we get calls from people wanting to go absolutely all out on a spring break vacation package.

Typically (though not always) these are 23 to 28 year old guy just out of college or working full time that have the disposable income to spend the needed money to pull it off.

The first thing to know is yes..Inertia Tours has the know how, resources, and connections to do these sorts of trips for VIP clients.

Its important to know about costs of course. You cant walk into the Ferrari dealer asking for one for the price of a Chevy. Quality costs get what you pay for...alll of these sayings and cliches are very real and need to be understood before you ask for Black Card style hookups.

For trips to Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, budget $2500 to 4000 per person for 1 week with airfare, private transfers, tax, access to concierge staff we provide 24 hours a day, best of hotel suites or private villas and homes as well as nightly table and bottle servic at the right clubs on the right nights as well as exclusive access to VIP after.parties which in and of themselves carry more costs. This price generally will not be all inclusive nor include liquor at night as bottles are ala carte for 250 to 500 per bottle at night for large bottle service with mixers...but your table and reservations are all set up by us. We can go all inclusive at select hotel properties for additional fees; note top shelf liquor is not possible on all inclusive programs

For South Padre Island Texas prices run 1500 to 2500 per person not including airfare. This would include the same as PV and Cancun however we provide VIP Areas with our Real World staff at each club. Accommodations are 1 to 3 million dollar condos and one nice upgrade is nightly super stretch Lincoln limo service to club plus on stage access to DJs

These prices are based on 6 to 20 people.

If you are interested in VIP service and travel this spring
Break please contact us at 800 821 2176 and ask for Chad
Or email

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